Saturday, November 19, 2011

It Passes The Galloping Pony Test

Finishing a quilt top never gets boring.
Yippee!  Another quilt top is finished as of this afternoon!  I wanted to sit and admire it for a lot longer than I did, but my husband, while used to me throwing quilt tops/quilts on the floor and taking pictures, doesn't understand the whole contemplation phase.  You know the process I'm talking about--checking for color, value, side-by-side repeats, good overall movement,  weirdo color/print combinations, the potential big oops!, lessons learned, followed instincts rewarded, etc. etc.  He thinks I'm going into a hypnotized funk or something equally strange and need immediate intervention.  I'll have to do that on another day.:)  I don't know what to call this particular pattern exactly, but I do know it has a Dutch influence in regards to the simple quarter triangle blocks surrounding a central 'big' block (although not so much in color).  A 'Blackbird Design' applique block is in the center instead of the more traditional sawtooth star block etc.  Also, the few similar quilts I looked at had a bit more framing around the center block, while I chose to keep it simple.  I positively adore this quilt top because it exudes so much warmth and coziness, more than I expected actually, which is a nice bonus and makes me wonder if I'm finally getting it.*wink  The picture absolutely does not do it justice as is the case with many of my pictures, but I like to have a record for my on-line journal regardless.  Once again I found myself struggling with getting the edges of each row to line up perfectly with the connecting row.  Often, it's a case of me deciding where to draw the line in the sand.  Do I try for casually charming or work at perfection with resulting loss of hair and shredded nerve endings?  You know me.  I prefer to rely on the galloping pony test and call it good.....


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