Bramble Blooms QAL Posts

The informal, structured, yet unquestionably improv. style of QAL that only makes sense over here at Quilty Folk. Just putting all the posts together in one place for anyone who falls behind or wants to start at a later date.

BBI--First quilt in the series

1. BBI: Getting Started

An overview of what you can expect with this QAL, timeline, fabric pulls and sewing the background for centerpiece

2. BBI: The Applique Centerpiece

The first prompt {floral applique on the centerpiece} and tips for Freehand Applique

3. BBI: The First Border

Putting together the first border {with applique repeats} out of smaller yardage.  Auditioning for color use and smaller yardage, coping borders or not, and ideas for what to do if you decide not to add more applique.

4. BBI: The Second Border

Putting together the second border with simple patchwork blocks. Tips and tricks for fitting a continuous patchwork-block border or an 'on-point' patchwork-block border to the quilt. 

5. BBI: Finished Quilt Top LInky Party

A Linky Party with fellow QAL versions of BBI posted