Tuesday, November 15, 2011

And So It Goes

It's been so much fun to be using my trusty Bernina again.  Vroom, vroom!  I almost feel like I have a new car.:)  The yellows/reds and pinks from this quilt are still making me very happy.  I've wondered a bit if maybe the whole quilt will be too 'saturated' with these colors and come off with a shriek when looked at.  So far so good.  And no--I haven't managed to decide on a binding fabric yet for the 'Grandmother's Pride' quilt.  I've laid it out and fiddled with different ideas, but can't decide on anything.  It's a simple quilt and the binding should be the final complement, not a detraction, yet pink is too 'mew', brown is too 'moody' etc. etc. etc.  Then one of my daughters said 'Mom, why do all your quilts look alike?' the other night while I was in the midst of my very important binding decision making and now, all of a sudden, I'm quite paralyzed.  Like I'm thinking the binding color is going to change my quilt into something exotic and dramatically different from ALL THE REST.*wink  My mind keeps buzzing round and round with the fact that my quilts do look sorta alike and then, not totally, because they do have individual personalities, don't they?  I do tend to use a lot of yellow and red and pink and brown and black and green but in different values from quilt to quilt, I think?  Ummm, maybe not so much.  And so it goes.  Like I said.  It's been great fun to mindlessly pin blocks together and just SEW.:)

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