Saturday, November 12, 2011

Just Another Basketball Saturday

Yum, I just love new spools of thread.  I had to head to the big city today because my youngest daughter had a basketball tournament.  Before I left home, I made a list of what quilting supplies I needed that might possibly, maybe, if I was real lucky, be on sale.*wink  Actually, the closer it gets to winter, the closer I get to being stocked up on quilting necessities because winters are usually pretty hard on us financially.  It pays off for me to have plenty of batting, thread, needles, marking pencils, and a couple quilt backs ready to go (just in case I get the urge to quilt something).  I was also able to pick up my sewing machine!  Yay!!  Nothing wrong with it except the back-stitch button was completely wore out.  Hmm, I'm wondering if I do too much chain piecing for this machine.  Of course it could be the way I patch my boy's jeans too.  I tend to fly back and forth across the patch using a zigzag stitch until I'm positive the jeans will wear out before the patch does.  Probably not real good for that back-stitch button, but I didn't dare ask the repair guy for his opinion.  Whenever he repairs my machine I always get this 'I've never seen this particular part wear out on this machine before, blah, blah, blah.'  Actually I'm kind of scared of him.  Anyway, back to basketball.  During warm ups and at half time I appliqued a few of my little basket blocks getting me closer and closer to.... getting the green baskets finished so I can move on to the brown and black ones.  I love this quilt.  If it ever gets finished, it's gonna be on my bed till I die.

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