Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Trying Out Something New & A Correction

I just got a new and improved carryall for my hand quilting.  I'm not sure what everyone else uses, but I've never found anything better than the throw-away zip bags that come with brand new comforters etc.  The problem is, they don't tend to have a very long life span around here.
A new experiment
 When my sister was visiting over New Years, I noticed her dirty clothes bag looked pretty useful.  Good size and it seemed fairly sturdy, plus it had nice handles.  I checked it out on-line and yay!! IKEA sells them for 59 cents!!  The problem is, I live hundreds of miles away from the local IKEA and they are an 'in-store' only product.  So then of course I checked out E-bay.  My husband is one of those hobby E-bay people so I know about strange and unlikely things being sold through E-bay.  He graciously agreed to give up some of his precious Paypal money for me to buy a new bag @ $2.99 (which included shipping and is much, much cheaper than driving to IKEA).  Now I know he really truly loves me.*wink
The old system
 This bag worked fairly well for me and I loved the zip top.  Very nice for our dusty area.  Extremely cheap for the price (free with a new down comforter.)
Notice the shredded top?
However, when the zip top keeps working even after the entire bag has new ventilation, it stops being so impressive.  Thus the search for a new bag.

On another note, I need to make a correction.  The quilt in the above bag is not an American Patchwork and Quilting pattern.  It can be found in the 2002 November/December issue of Fon's & Porter Love of Quilting Magazine.  It is a Pat Sloan pattern so at least I got that part right!  My apologies if you've been frantically looking through your old AP & Q magazines for this pattern.  Not sure why I spaced out on this, but I'm blaming it on raising children--one being a male child about to fly away from home and testing his independence, two that are MoOdy female teenagers (say no more) and one pre-pubescent male child who is also the baby of the family.  The most noticeable effects for me seem to be short term memory loss.  We won't discuss the tic in my right eye.....

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