Friday, February 3, 2012

The Drug of Choice: Hand Quilting

I guess I've been in a pretty bad mood having to be stuck back in my cave of an office lately.  The first clue was when my husband brought me some roses.  Awww...  He hasn't done that for years.  It didn't use to be so bad, but since the economy tanked a couple years ago, we always seem to be scrambling financially.  The husband--he go get much work.  The wife--she figure out how to pay much taxes.  Yeah, reason #1 to keep quilting.  The occasional frustrations can generally be fixed with a seam ripper and a little time.*wink  
One frame at a time makes the world go round.
Thankfully, hand quilting, while tedious at times, does a great job soothing my ragged edges.  Sometimes I have to stick with it for an hour or two before I feel any major results, but eventually I get to that relaxed and happy state again no matter how much paperwork I've been slogging through.  Huh, sounds like a drug...*smirk  This could be huge!  Anyway, I've managed to quilt through 9 of the baskets so far.
And a  little more detail.
I am still trying to decide exactly what I want to do to the borders.  Probably an echo quilting around the vines etc. then some sort of simple grid.  That's pretty much my fallback position with a busy appliqued border.  If I was a more mellow person I probably wouldn't need to do all this quilting stuff just to stay sane.  Oh well.  We can't all be June Cleaver can we?

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