Tuesday, January 31, 2012

This Little Scrap Attack Project

I came out of my office today like a wounded bear.  My intentions were to get a serious amount of bookkeeping done before I ventured back into my quilting room, you know like the carrot and stick thing?  Hah!  I am so weak.  This little Scrap Attack project was perfect for soothing my frazzled nerves today.  No worries over getting anything wrong.  As long as the colors alternate, we're good.
Putting together the puzzle pieces.....
I love to play with the rotary cutter when I'm in this kind of mood.  Take that little blade and starting hacking away.:)  I ended up getting 7 more blocks done today before the realities of life and kids getting home from school starting infringing on my play time.  This project has been very freeing as it is basically 'no rules'.  I may have to keep one of these going on the back burner every year during paperwork season just to help keep me sane.*wink
36 blocks completed
I'm still thinking that I need at least 20 more blocks to make this quilt a decent sized throw.  We'll see.  For now I'm doing good on the scraps, slowly churning through the totes and barely making a dent.

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