Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Little Bits Do Add Up

It feels like it's been a slow week for me quilting-wise.  Looking back, I realize that wow! Slow and steady might actually win a race somewhere, somehow.*wink
A few more of these sweet  little baskets checked off the list!
Shock and Awe!  Look what I squeezed in around my many demands of the week:  HS basketball games, an AAU basketball tournament, end of the quarter/year bookwork, plus throwing the snowmen decor out the door and cleaning up the built up debris.  (When we get the amount of snow we've been having lately, the cute little snowmen definitely become de trop.:) Anyway, these are not the speediest little things to get finished up, but looky, looky how they add up!  I still have lots more paperwork demands piled up for next couple weeks, but hopefully will be back to work in my quilting room  in a week or two.  Just a tiny little reminder about why I love having hand sewing projects all ready to go.....

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  1. Audrey! This is the quilt I am just now planning to start. Did you finish it? Maybe you can send me a link to the post.


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