Tuesday, January 24, 2012

On To The Next Phase

Well, I have been slogging through this Pieceable Souls project and finally, finally! I have proof that I am making progress.  I got the paper for the next phase and I guess we are making pinwheels with the half square triangles.  I knew it had to be a simple design because originally we had a newbie quilter that wanted to join in on this project.  She has since backed out, but I'm actually relieved that this is turning out to be such a basic design after all.  These colors and fabrics are not my 1st choice and as I've mentioned before, I'm really struggling with this.  Laugh all you like, but when the muse is absent, it's terribly hard to get excited about the busy work, no matter how much character building is involved.*wink
All the first phase sewing done.
I've noticed this before in previous projects, but it still confuses me.  I lurk on several modern quilting blogs and seriously drool over some of their quilts.  The scrapified quilts especially get to me and if they add in some hand quilting, I. Am. In. Love.  Then, when I try out some modern fabrics en mass, using clear, bright, fun stuff, I almost start to snore.  Why can I not be more versatile about this?
Just a few more....
So...., back to my comfort zone.  I have finished up a few more of my Scrap Attack blocks, making for 29 finished blocks now.  I am still not sure if I want to add in another color yet--so far I'm feeling good about this.  On another note, I like to hang up pictures and patterns for inspiration and future project ideas, but I'm getting tired of taking down patterns to hang up blocks on my design wall.  It's definitely time to get a bulletin board or something the next time I go 2nd handing.:)


  1. possibly because your not clear and bright..haha sorry lol im the same i get bored super quick

  2. i just need some more money and then i could go on a major shopping spree--then you wouldn't be able to tear me away from my quilting.:)


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