Friday, January 20, 2012

The Scrap Attack Momentum

Somehow with all this Scrap Attack thinking, perusing of beautiful pics of scrap quilts, drooling over beautiful pics of scraps, and reading about individual scrap collecting habits, I managed to organize my quilting area--all without making a conscious decision to do so.  I think it's called momentum or something. It started when I pulled out my brown, green and gold scrap fabrics the other day for my own Scrap Attack project.  Then when I bought totes to further contain these scraps from the hoi polloi, it all started spiraling on me.  That tote thing looked good.  Very organized.  Which is always helpful in my little 16 1/2' by 6 3/4' quilting area.*wink
Plaids/stripes and wovens.
These managed to survive the scrap siege.
After I started this project, I stumbled onto a few ideas that have really made me think.  Why did I not know that there are quilty people out there that do not keep scrap fabric.  The fact that I keep any and all pieces of fabric down to 1 1/2" square is not the norm.  Some people actually make an effort to contain their scrap fabrics into something that looks sort of like, well, quilt room decoration?  This was a wake-up call and got me to thinking, pondering and seriously considering my quilting area in greater depth.
All cleaned up and ready for play....
 The results were of course, a quilt room siege of sorts.  I won't confess all, but I will say that I cleared out two large totes of pre-cut scrap fabric (from literally years of collecting) and then, I went even further.  I dug through my unruly scrap heap over in the corner until I was about ready to cry.  My first efforts at dumping any scrap fabric whatsoever had me staving off a panic attack, so I had to develop an impromptu plan of sorts.  First off, I decided that all plaids, stripes, and wovens could be saved regardless of color, age or pedigree.  After that, cheap, ugly or bright fabrics were fair game.  I know where to find those fabrics if I suddenly have a need for them!  With these perimeters, I actually got rid of a serious amount of what other people have always called trash.*wince
I'm sitting on my counter for this pic.:)
 As you can see, I still have plenty of scrap fabric willing to slide off the pile at any given moment.  And now, I'm seriously considering buying a couple more totes.  The problem is, I'm getting scared I'll get all ocd about it and freak myself out.  After all, this IS my hobby and I really, really need to be able to relax in my quilt area.
Wow, I can see the 7-up advertising again....
 Anyway, it's all looking good to me right about now.  I put binding remnants, bias remains and various applique shapes into small totes, organized projects into the right size totes with corresponding pattern info., got books put back on the shelves, fabric stowed away in appropriate containers and the floor even got vacuumed.  Some of this is not new to me.  I do have a small space that requires a certain amount of organization.  I just find myself amazed that I'm still learning new things and new approaches to quilting AND this time, it was all because of a little Scrap Attack Project....
Everything in it's place!


  1. I have the same problem, because fabric is so expensive here, I tend to keep small bits. I end up bagging them and letting my friends rummage through. It sounds like I might need to have a srap attack.

  2. Don't you feel righteous when you tidy and sort? Throwing out is an even better moment. Pity they're so rare! I'm your sort of quilter...I save 1.5" squares for their potential.

  3. Honestly it's rare that I go looking for that small of piece, but I have used those small pieces before so it's hard to ditch them.:)

  4. Good to know there are others "out there" like me! LOL
    Actually, I toss anything that won't cut down to a 2" square. That does limit it a bit.


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