Sunday, March 4, 2012

Can We Please Move on to Another Color Now?

My Scrap Attack project is officially completed for the time being!  I will put the finished top on my list of quilt tops begging to be quilted and eventually I'm sure it will make it's way into my hoop.:)  Honestly, I wasn't planning on adding on a {brown!} border, but it just cried out for one.  It seemed to need a little bit of a calming influence in order to better read the pattern, which is quite busy when made this scrapified.
Just before I added the last border
 This is the first quilt top I have ever made strictly from my scrap bin (not counting border fabrics of course).  It was quite a challenge in some ways, but in other ways it was a no brainer.  Will I ever do another?  Oh yes. This has opened up my eyes to some wonderful possibilities for future 'scrappy yet frugal' quilting.  You know what they say.  Once you open the door, you may never be able to get it shut again.....
Still needs ironed, but this puppy is done.:)
 I measured each border measurement three times yet somehow still got this wrinkly looking (cut too long) inner border look.  Hopefully ironing and then the eventual quilting will smooth away all the lumpy bumps.  Honestly I'm not planning on losing any sleep over it.*wink
Just playing with the pictures a little bit....
Was this a successful project to link up to?  In my mind, yes!  Definitely.  Although I've never joined up with any on-line quilt linky party, challenge or project this one was tailor made for me.  This quilt may not be one of those gorgeous brights, solids, modern, white background type of easy-to-love quilts, but it has me written all over it.  I will adore taking naps under this quilt some day.:)


  1. Congratulations! Yes, the border was a very smart addition. Great finish.

  2. Oh, this one just looks cuddle-worthy! I think it really works so well because of the limited color palette you used. And the brown border really helps tie it all together.

    Yes, scrap quilting can be addictive. But somehow the scraps never seem to diminish. hee hee!


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