Thursday, March 1, 2012

More Log Cabin Blocks

The Scrap Attack project is still progressing, albeit not as smoothly as it previously has.  I put in a good, long day on these blocks, making just enough blocks to reach my goal of 56 blocks.  They are taking longer and longer to put together because I'm running out of long strips of fabric for the longer lengths on the log cabin.
I think they are getting a little scary looking as I
get to the bottom of the scrap bins.:)
When I finally had 56 completed blocks, I laid out all of the blocks in rows and tried to place them in a pleasing arrangement.  Oh please.  Wouldn't you know it?  There are just  too many repeats of fabrics that bump up against each other no matter where I move the blocks.  Also, there was this little niggle that wouldn't leave me alone until after awhile, I realized that the quilt did not look quite 'right' at 7 blocks wide and 8 blocks deep.  (That irritating sound you hear is the sound of me whining.)  Now I am gritting my teeth and working on 7 more blocks.  Believe me, I am SO tempted to give it up and go cut nice, lovely strips from fresh, uncut fat quarters!  I had no idea how spoiled I had gotten lately.  Anyway, that would kind of defeat the original purpose: clearing out my scrap bins and challenging myself to make a quilt strictly from leftovers.  Totally gonna happen and with scraps to spare.:)

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