Friday, July 6, 2012

Some Choices Are Not Politically Correct

The 'Floating 4-patch' quilt is now done.  Finished and over with except for the label which doesn't really count.  Who cares about those?  I still need to come up with a better name for this quilt, but the problem is that if I haven't named it by this point in the process, it's almost pointless.  Aren't quilts supposed to almost name themselves?
It always feels good to have another finish!
I used a candy apple stripey pink fabric for the binding, which I think sets it off admirably.  I'll tell you that I'm still looking at this quilt and wondering about all of my choices along the way.  Yes, I frequently use reds, pinks, blues, browns, yellows etc. in the same quilt, but my sashing fabric is still a surprise.  Not my usual thing at all.  Honestly, I think the deciding factor was that I had a lot of it on hand as I had bought it previously for a backing fabric.  Turns out, when I was auditioning my blocks for the perfect sashing fabric, I LIKED what I was seeing and made an impulse decision to just go for it.
Sometimes I just want to admire a quilt forever....
Okay, here's where I admit that the sashing fabric is from, shhhhh..... Walmart.  (Whoa, there went all my followers in a big hurry.*wink)  I don't usually buy fabric from Walmart, like hardly EVER EVER, but this one particular fabric felt good, looked good and sheesh, I was buying it for the back of the quilt, not the front.  Hey, I'm a obsessed quilter, quilting on a big bad budget.  You do what you gotta do and worry about the politics of it all later.....
Go ahead, get a good look at the quilting.....
I'm still charmed by the old fashioned goodness in this quilt that I somehow managed to mix up with some modern looking folk stuff.  Isn't that the one of the best parts of quilting?  Trying to bring yesterday's art into today's reality?


  1. I just found your blog this morning, and I'm glad I did! I love this quilt! It has a simple, folksy, 16 patch, and then you jazzed it up with some really modern applique off center and at the bottom. The subdued colors are a welcome break from all of the crazy bright quilts out there, even though I tend to love the crazy and bright. This one is calm. I really like this quilt.

  2. I love this quilt! I have heard that now that Wal-Mart is carrying fabric again in most of its stores and has enlarged the department back to what it used to be that they improved the quality of it's fabric as well. I checked it out the other day and I was surprised by it - some of it felt fine to me!

  3. It's okay...I actually bought fabric at Walmart not long ago for a backing as well. I was so surprised at the color and how good it felt. I hadn't told anyone my dirty little secret either, but since you confessed...
    The quilt is great! Love what you did with the appliqué!

  4. Your quilt looks lovely. I get cheap fabric for backs, too. Not everyone can afford/wants to pay top dollar for the backing on a quilt.

  5. Just hopping around your blog and enjoying it so much! It is just the right medicine to take my mind of the pain in my back. I just love your blog and the lovely quilts you make. greetings


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