Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Geese Look Happier Now

Do you ever have one of those days when it just feels like you're gonna jump out of your skin if you can't get in some good quilting time?  Today happened to be one of those days for me.  I have several projects that I could (and should) be working on, but those little half square triangles just looked pretty interesting today....
My geese are flying kinda crazy these days....
I promptly started rearranging the few I had lined up on the design wall.  They didn't look very happy to me at all.  Funny how they seemed to look a little too staid and pompous in those precise little rows and.... what if??

So yeah, don't read anything to deep into my wonkiness play day with the hst's.  It was all in good fun.  The rotary cutter felt real good in my hand and the sewing was a breeze not having to worry about little pointy points on my triangles.*wink  Overall, I think I made a pretty good start on a fun quilt today and managed to make the most of my minuscule quilting time.  (Not to mention completely eliminating any need whatsoever of ironing hundreds of little blocks and quite possibly squaring them up.)


  1. I love your take on your color palette--I love the dull look in my fabrics, no brights or whites for me. I've found my heaven now that I live in Oregon after years in the bright sunny Florida.

  2. Looking good! These hst's look like they're having lots more fun than they did in the previous incarnation! Avoiding and squaring hundreds of little blocks is always a good thing! Well, at least when you just need to SEW. hee hee!


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