Sunday, July 8, 2012

I Love all of the Baskets Blocks I Finish

Not a whole lot going on around here this weekend on the quilting front.  Busy, busy times with nieces and nephews running back and forth between my house and my mom's house up the road, and somehow the quilting got a wee bit neglected.  These are my five completed baskets that are probably not my best work ever, but are still going to go into the 'finished' pile as fast as I can get them there.... 
They all count
Once again, I'm linking up to the hand stitching on Sundays over at Kathy's Quilts because it's a great way to keep motivated.  Five baskets may seem kind of pathetic in the short term, but it adds up to something in the long term that I'm really gonna like.
Love the funky colors
On a different note, my oldest daughter somehow conned her dad out of this cute little totem pole  (currently in three pieces) he brought home from a job.  The colors are so great.  I still don't understand why I didn't know anything about this until the transfer was already made.  Hello?  I should be getting first rights of refusal around here! 
The bottom animal is missing a foot, but otherwise?
This is a great little find
I had to take a picture in case I decide to somehow incorporate this into a quilt.  You just never know what will trigger a quilt idea--the colors, graphics, shapes, theme etc.  My husband just rolled his eyes at me while I took the pictures and made some comment about the peculiarity of my thinking processes.  He loves me.  I know this for a fact.*wink


  1. lol Only peculiar to a non-quilter! Your blocks are looking good.

  2. Thanks for linking up to the hand work party Audrey!
    Your baskets look great and for sure...every little bit adds up to a finished quilt eventually!

  3. The baskets are great! I love them in black. I'm impressed that you got five done, I KNOW how long they take. Good job.

  4. Five is an accomplishment when you are so busy. Each one takes time to stitch and five puts you closer to goal.

  5. Hi Audrey, I came across your blog as I did a search for Festival of Trees quilts and your post of your quilt came up. I have the book Festival of Trees and the quilt is on my long 'To Do List' and I really like the border that you have put on yours. So while I was visiting your blog I noticed that you have a WIP, the baskets,(your blocks look great) which is another quilt I want to do (i have done 2 blocks, to see how they look)I love the Blackbird Design patterns and I was lucky to be able to attend a weekend workshop they had here in Melbourne, Australia, a few years ago. Also I see you follow the Quilts in the Barn blog, I have been to a few of the quilt exhibitions that Linda has arranged in her barn for fundraising for Breast Cancer Research, she & her team of helpers always do a wonderful exhibition. So I was glad that my search lead me to your blog, as many of your quilts & WIP are so appealing to me.

  6. Yes, 5 basket block definitely count! And you know, finished is better than perfect! At least, that's my motto.

    Neat totem pole! Love the colors.

  7. I can see why you wanted to get a picture of the totems. Well done on five blocks. That means 5 less to do!!

  8. Every little stitch count. Love your baskets.

  9. I love these little baskets. Would you share where you got the pattern? I might just have to make some. I agree - 5 done is that many less you have to make.

    1. The basket pattern (Trick or Treat) is from the book 'When The Cold Wind Blows' by Barb Adams & Alma Allen from Blackbird Designs. I call it my 'Worry Baskets' or 'The Forever Project', whichever I'm in the mood to call it.:)

    2. Thanks Audrey. I'll have to check it out.


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