Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The New Project is Starting Out so Very Well

I shouldn't even be in my quilt room I guess.  Somehow I upended an almost full glass of iced tea over my carefully cut-out squares being prepped for half square triangles.  A new project.  Full of hope and expectations etc. etc.
This is not starting the way I hoped it would
Well, this is what they look like after I went ahead and gave them ALL a tea bath, rinsed them and then laid them out flat to dry.  That was of course after my little temper fit which really didn't make me feel any better at all and just expended a lot of energy on hot day.
Still hand quilting along
So, back to the hand quilting for peace of mind.  Which would have worked beautifully if my husband hadn't been trying to load music onto his laptop for 17 hours and 38 minutes straight.  At one point I thought my brain matter was going to come glomming out of my skull or something because I realized we were listening to Kenny G?  Seriously?  I had to get up and check to see if we still had the old blue Ford 250 sitting in the driveway.*sigh  Some days, even quilting can't quite soothe the ragged edges....


  1. It is horrible when liquid gets spilt on our work and so easy to do. Your hand quilting is lovely. Your husband is a lucky man.....Not to be buried in the back yard after that long downloading music...especially Kenny G! lol

  2. Iced Tea...instant think it works
    Kenny G is a different story....wonder what a tea spill would do to him?

  3. I am impressed at how perfectly your points match on the quilt you are hand-quilting! What is your secret?

    1. Oh my. I feel like a fraud, 'cuz they don't all match up! The pattern I used had the points of the triangles squared off which made sewing so much easier, but still....:)


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