Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mid Winter Dash & Stash

I was going to post a picture of my newest completed applique block, but alas, my camera (and the person behind it) is still taking those not-so-great pictures.  This picture makes me smile anyway.
Lovely new additions to my stash!
I finally figured out why my pictures are worse than before!  My husband has a Nikon D60 that has been out of action since last fall.  Lately he has been borrowing my little CoolPix Nikon, albeit very begrudgingly and with much sneering and snide remarks about it's supposed deficiencies.  What I didn't know was that he always fiddles around with the settings on my camera, desperately trying to get Nikon D60 quality pics out of my little point and shoot.  I could have told him 'NOT HAPPENING' if he would have just asked me.  Anyway, in my ignorance of all things technical, digital, or computerish, I had no idea he didn't reset my camera back the way it was supposed to be and now I guess I need to read the manual.  Oh joy.

Today was the annual fat quarter sale at a nearby quilt store which is crazy fun.  Lots of women grabbing fabric and stuffing it into bags without hardly looking, everybody sure that someone else is going to get all the good stuff.  I went waaay overboard and about melted my credit card into a puddle.  I like to grab FQ's that I know I can use in applique work, any great blendy fabrics, and basically anything that makes my fingers itch to pick up even if I'm not quite sure why at the moment.  I didn't consciously select by color, but about a fourth or more of what I bought is green???  I've already washed all the fabric and sorted a few pieces into current project totes.  Very exciting stuff!  Plus, I made it back in plenty of time to watch my youngest sons basketball game--so no harm, no foul.*wink

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