Thursday, February 16, 2012

Busy Week

I must be in a green mood lately.  Once it was red, then yellow, and eventually I moved on to putting pink somewhere in every quilt.  These days I find I'm using lots and lots of greens.  I only have a few more of these little green baskets left to applique and then I will be moving on to the dark colors.  Somehow I doubt they will be as fun to work on!
More little green baskets finished up and ready to trim.
 We've had district high school basketball games this week--girls and boys which is pretty exciting since we have a varsity player on each team.  Lots of time in between games because, of course, they're never back to back at district.  I took my applique bag and worked on my worry blocks like a little 'ol lady with her knitting needles.*wink  Will I even care about that next week or next year?  I think not.
8 more scrappy log cabins done!
I even managed to squeeze in a few more Scrap Attack blocks this week.  It appears that I'm starting to run out of the wider pieces of  scrap fabric, so more and more I'm ending up with little strippy stuff going on.  There's still plenty of fabric left in the totes though, so I'm forging ahead with the 'all scraps' commitment.  I may have to start piecing various fabrics together in order to get the proper lengths before I get all my blocks done, but that doesn't alarm me in the slightest.  In fact, I think it will probably make my quilt look even better.  I do love that 'make-do' look when it doesn't look all fake and forced.:)

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