Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Progress On 'Be Thankful'

I am very close to getting the main part of this quilt completely hand quilted.  Originally there were several ideas in my head about how to do the quilting, mostly some form of continuous echo quilting around the baskets.  After I got started, I immediately changed up a few things because I was worried about where the quilting might leave seam allowances less densely quilted in a few areas--not a pleasant look for even the most laid back of us quilters.*wink
Progress is always sweet....
I'm not totally pleased about the quilting inside of my basket handles now that I'm seeing it duplicated times 12.  It probably could have (should have) been more of the diagonal line grid stuff like the rest of the quilt.  Don't even think about telling me to take it out now though.  That is so not happening with this quilty lady....  I do think the diagonal lines help accentuate the baskets and I'll be the first to admit that it's probably a lucky end result for me.  I'm not always the greatest about 'seeing' the finished product in my mind when I get started, although I do try to thoroughly think things through.  Hand quilting just kind of has this incredible ability to slowly mature and ripen a quilt until it can reach it's full potential of beauty.  Otherwise, why would we toil away at if for so many crazy hours?

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  1. Taking it out?! Are you crazy?! I don't think anything is wrong. Just enjoy your quilt. This is how you wanted it yesterday apparently. And tomorrow there's another quilt! I love it anyway.


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