Monday, January 24, 2011

It's the Thought That Counts

I got another UFQ finished up. This quilt is called 'sticks and stones'. Very simple and so very fast to put together. I used old fabrics (obviously) and went with an americana look. I put a classic, but ugly red fabric with little bears and abc's on the back and it became a baby quilt for a little boy of a friend of ours. Once again, I'm a big believer in the mantra 'It's the thought that counts!' I machine quilted in in a grid, which is pretty much all I ever do on the machine. I don't hand quilt very many baby quilts because they tend to get a lot of use (wear and tear, stains, excessive washing etc.). I want people to feel like they can USE the quilt and if it's not completely gorgeous, it often becomes a bed quilt or something to be dragged around--who cares if it gets tattered? I sometimes wonder what people Really think when they receive one of my quilts for a gift.blerk! Is this all the better she can do? hehe Maybe, you just never know....

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