Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Just One More Quilt

I think during my first several years of quilting I was Very easily influenced. If I read a book that heavily discouraged using sashing, I suddenly developed an aversion to sashing. If I read a book that pushed pieced borders as the only civilized way to quilt, I decided borders were necessary for each and every quilt I finished. Now that I've settled into my adult years of quilting (lol!) I am trying to figure out my own personal style and what it is that interests Me. (Peer pressure gets me every time.*wink) Hmmmm, you know I think it varies depending on what reason I'm making the quilt, the fabrics chosen, who I'm making it for and all sorts of other reasons---and that's okay. Really, really, seriously OKAY. Why should someone else be allowed to dictate what is appropriate and acceptable for me and my quilts anyway? I am slowly trying to debunk all these RULES that are lurking around in my head. It's such a trial too. I have to keep proving my theories by making just one more quilt. And then maybe just one more after that....

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