Thursday, December 16, 2010

Give It Away Fast

Terrible picture I know. This is a lap quilt I made for my brother about 5? years ago, well, sewed the top together at least. I made it out of fabric that family/friends had given away and a very little bit of my stash--no new fabrics at all so a bit of a challenge to myself. I even played around with some green Toile, a popular fabric choice at the time--don't ask me what I was thinking. My intention was to give each one of my (nine in all!) siblings a quilt I have made before I die.:) I'm doing pretty good too, because after this one I only have one sibling left to make a quilt for. Soooo, back to THIS mediocre quilt. It's to be a Christmas present and all I have left to do is pick threads and sew on a label, if I even want to do! I will quickly admit that this is not my best work. Pinwheels seem to be always and forever beyond my control when it comes to getting points to match up. AND, to be honest, time and experience are not really helping me out in that area to date.blerk! Also, I hand quilt virtually everything now and I just could not bring myself to expend the massive amount of time and energy required to hand quilt this particular quilt. It is what it is. A fast and easy lap quilt in nice, cozy colors--nothing extra special or 'heirloom' quality about it at all.:) Should I be embarrassed about even giving it away as a gift? My pride says yes! absolutely!! My practical side wants me to put on my game face and give it away fast, no qualifiers or justifications included.*wink That's the problem with UFO's. They always have to come out of the closet and haunt you....

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