Thursday, December 23, 2010

Things I Know About Me

Just an odd little thought process I was having the other day. Things I know about me and quilting: I am a finisher--UFO's haunt me. I don't like to work on a quilt beginning till end--I like to break it up and have stopping points. I work better when I'm working on 3 or 4 or 6 quilts--all in different stages of being finished. I'm not a perfectionist--until I am, suddenly and with great attitude. I keep returning to the idea of a red/cream or tan and blue quilt every couple years--not sure why but they seem to be a calming influence. My 1/4" seams continually fail me when I'm in the zone. I use brown in almost every quilt--even when I don't intend to. Pure white fabric makes me very nervous--it's too bright and 'blank slate' all at the same time. Old, imprecise and make-do quilts make me almost weep with pleasure. Modern quilts intrique me greatly--but I don't really want to make one (do I?). One fabric borders make me almost crazed from irritation when I hand quilt them. And I'm sure there's tons more I can come up with if I tried. It's so interesting to figure out my quilting personality. lol!

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