Monday, December 27, 2010

Maybe It's Just Therapy

Okay, confession time. I have been working on a red, blue and tannish/cream quilt again. huh? I don't know why I do this, but every so many years I just seem compelled to put some fabric together and this red, 'white' and blue quilt comes together. It's not even a patriotic look! I'm not mushy about my country and stuff, I just like reds and creams together and hey! what about adding blue and brown and next thing you know, I have this quilt that is a companion quilt to one I made three years ago. blerk! No applique on this one though. It's different, truly, it is. The baskets are (yes, there ARE baskets in this one too) the sugar bowl pattern. Very old fashioned and the shirt print backgrounds look great--totally fresh and new. hehe I'm such a nerd. I can't even mix up my colors and try for a red/white and maybe green? quilt. Oh well. I'm sorting lots of stuff out in my mind while I'm doing this, so maybe it's just THERAPY.:)

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