Friday, December 9, 2022

Moving Things Along

 Trying to get a couple more finishes in before the end of the year. Moody 9-Patch has the initial phase of binding sewn on, all the clips on and now is waiting on the hand stitching time.

Moody 9-Patch getting a binding
It was a huge relief to get Country Stars all finished up and ready for gifting. I even managed to get the label stitched on! 

Country Stars all finished up!
Next up will be making the time to deliver it. Gotta wait on my husbands schedule as we want to do it together. Sort of a 'Merry Christmas' and also a housewarming gift. 

The compass stars are never a bad idea
It's kind of funny how it ended up with a vaguely holiday vibe, which was never intended at all. I just hope our friend likes traditional look quilts as much as she proclaimed to. Kind of a trip down memory lane for me and though I don't LOVE this quilt, I'm happy with the way it turned out.

So happy the hand quilting grid proved out
The applique could have been a little bit more exciting, but then it would have been difficult to give away. Right?

Should be a good couch throw!
Next up in the hoop is the #AHIQStringTulipsQal project. This is the top that I thought was done and then  months later, had to pull it back out of the quilt top drawers and add on an applique border. So much better looking now. I thought surely, surely I would want to hand quilt the one and only Christmas quilt top left in the drawers, but nope. Absolutely no interest at the moment. For some reason this one thinks it needs to be next.

On to the next quilt
Oh well. It should be very easy to jump into and get started. I went ahead and machine stitched in-the-ditch around the large center area and also, at the outside border. Not necessary, but something that will make the overall stitching move just a little faster. And it won't ruin the look of the hand quilting one iota. Win, win.

Ready for the next step
All the applique for the thirty Primrose Path applique blocks is done now. The little flower centers went lickety-split. Now I will be adding little corner triangles to the blocks. Just need to decide on the right color for that. Originally I thought to do a white texty fabric, then I moved on to a mixed palette of pastels. Now I'm leaning hard toward shades of the med-pink used in a couple of the blocks. I never intended for this to end up a 'pink and black' quilt, but hey, what do I know?

A quilt that refuses to be taken seriously
You can see that I've sewn together eight of the nine blocks necessary for making the 25-Patch Hst quilt. Of course it doesn't seem like nearly enough {color me shocked} and so I will be changing it to a sixteen block quilt. I started out following the original quilt look for block colors but eventually just sort of gravitated toward changing things up here or there. Now I'm in good shape to make up the next eight blocks willy-nilly and then afterward I'll probably have to mix all the blocks up to make everything make sense once again. 

I'm crossing my fingers this will be a joyful, happy looking quilt, not a sad hst vomit type thing. I went ahead and cut out more of the darker brown and medium blue fabrics for more units. So far the green is the very hardest to introduce into the quilt which is pretty on par for normal around here. Don't want to leave it out though as there will be more green used in the sashing pieces. Probably. It's been a lot of fun though and coming together without much trouble. In my head, I'm calling it a 'palette cleanser', but I'm not sure why. Maybe because it's a quilt that refuses to be treated as precious?


  1. I love the star quilt - it is so antique looking - beautiful job

  2. Lovely quilts, as always. I am in love with the applique border that you added on String Tulips. Not sure how your brain works, but it always comes up with fabulous ideas for the quilts. Have a quiet weekend.

  3. That's quite an ambitious goal for this holiday month! That said I have every confidence that you'll achieve it. Country Stars is such a sweet finish, your friend will love it.

  4. I had forgotten just how wonderful your string tulips quilt top is! I hope you seriously enjoy its time in your hoop! Quiltdivajulie

  5. Compass Stars will be an awesome gift. Adding the machine quilting is perfectly fine. Just being a good stewart of your time. Love your palette cleanser!

  6. Have fun delivering Country Stars! Adding the applique border to the String Tulips QAL was an inspired decision Audrey, adds a whole new look to the quilt and I do like your four tulips.

  7. I always love to see what you are working on. I have been pondering a pattern similar to your Primrose Path by Anna Maria Horner and I've seen a vintage quilt I'd really like to make that has some of those country star blocks alternating with Storm at Sea blocks. Maybe someday? Maybe never?

  8. It's too bad you don't "love" the star quilt but maybe that makes it easier to give away. I think it's really terrific. I love reading your blog because it puts me in the mood to quilt and gives me permission to find joy in my creative process.

  9. Country Stars is a great finish, I love that soft icey green binding! And you got me at... HSTs ... 25-patch... what's not to love about this one! Just curious, how big are all those HSTs?

  10. I'm excited to see those fantastic tulips making it into the hoop; they are a particular favourite. I can't imagine you ever making a quilt I wanted to associate with the word 'vomit', though 'sad hst vomit' made me laugh out loud.

  11. I'm late reading this post! So many beautiful projects. I love the little flowers and also the HST quilt. I prefer it w/out sashing, esp green sashings, but of course your vision is what counts. [Cheddar! I can send you quite a bit, maybe plenty, tho color of the solid may vary.]
    Happy holidays and New Year!


  12. Funny how a quilttop can demand to get finished. But it happens here as well. Best wishes for the New Year


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