Saturday, December 31, 2022

Closing Down 2022

Well, 2022 is going out with a whimper. I got sick the week before Christmas, barely pulled it together in time to enjoy a few good days with family and then, bam. Relapsed and now, probably bronchitis. Uggh. In my defense, it was super, super cold here for those weeks and I probably overdid things for the holiday.

All finished!
Anyway, real quick post here. These are my last finishes of the year! Moody 9-Patch which was started clear back in November of 2020. You can check out the antique inspiration on that post if you like.

Looking cozy
I worried and worried about how to hand quilt the large sashing pieces, but in the end, did something super simple. You can obviously see it better on the brown tone on tone fabric than on the floral.

Maybe not the best hand quilting?
But it's done, all done....
The entire quilt was machine quilted in-the-ditch between all the blocks and then the hand quilting followed after.

This one has a very rich, warm look to it
It was a great this particular quilt laying across my lap during these cold winter months! I'm thinking it's close enough to the original inspiration to make me feel happy and yet, not so carbon copy as to be boring.

Our adorable granddaughters
Here's a quick pic of a pile of puppies kiddos we found by our tree on Christmas Eve this year! Such a joy to have grandkids. Wouldn't trade it for the world!

Vintage T is a true blue finish!
And here is the very last finish of the year. If I hadn't machine quilted this late in November or early in December {I so forget the details now}, it would have never happened. I got my machine back and wanted to test out the dual feed thingamabob right away. Works perfectly, thank goodness!
A slightly older look
I ended up putting the binding on in little pushes of effort while sitting around being a couch potato. Still am doing that in fact. Just trying to get better every day.

Machine quilting for the win!
This isn't my fave quilt ever, but I'm very pleased with the way I was able to use up some of the oldy moldy orange fabrics languishing in the stash totes. Playing with these colors was hard. The look and feel of the quilt is definitely not as joyful as some others that I have done though the years!

Loving this soft looking finish
The backing was a mishmash of anything that was big enough to throw together and make into the proper size! I haven't had to buy backing now for almost two years with the last two fabric donations from my family. That is coming to a screeching halt though as the found pieces are getting smaller and smaller. 

Calling this one'Revised'
One other thing that I've been very slowly working on {everything has to be couch work these days while I huff and puff and/or cough}, is the #AHIQColor Palette challenge. I'll share more of the inspiration details over at the AHIQ blog some other day. For now, this has been a lifesaver having it mostly prepped and ready for hand stitching. Happy New Years to all!


  1. I'm sorry to hear you are sick at the end of the year - it seems that is when we are busiest. I hope you will get your energy back soon my daughter had bronchitis for about 10 days and finally now started to feel better of course she had covid first so she was sick about a month - but I hope that is not the case for you - wonderful finishes for the year.

  2. Hope you are feeling better soon and have renewed stamina! I enjoy reading your posts and viewing your quilts. I also like that your quilts talk to you too, I thought maybe I was the only one. Happy stitching, Happy New Year!

  3. very pretty quilts and adorable grand are blessed indeed...

  4. Happy New Year to you and your family (great photo of the grands!). All three of us have been hacking and sneezing and blowing noses since just after Thanksgiving. Today (1/1) is the day to get the house opened up and aired out since the sun is out and the temps will warm up a bit, calendars changed, paperwork tidied, with lots of rest breaks in between. Don't push too hard - it doesn't pay! Quiltdivajulie

  5. Get well soon. Don't over do. And even when not feeling your best, you finish the year with 2 finishes! Happy New Year!

  6. Great to finish the year with a couple of quilts all quilted & bound! Hope you are improving, rest up if you can. Happy New Year!

  7. Those are a couple of nice finishes for the year. Sweet granddaughters. I have mostly boys in the great-grands, one great-granddaughter. Take care, it takes time to get well again (and it feels like forever).

  8. I hope you're finally getting back to feeling well, seems these new superbugs or flu or whatever they are just seem to hang on forever. Your moody 9-patch is much more interesting than the inspiration quilt with your addition of the floral sashings and other random melon bits. Not sure when I missed the birth of granddaughter number 3, they are all sweeties. One of life's greatest blessings is living long enough to hold our grandchildren!

  9. Happy New Year! And bless you, I hope you get well soon.
    I like your Moody NinePatch, well done. Great improvising with the 'T' quilt, using what you had on hand, excellent and again I am inspired!

    1. From Janie @ crazyvictoriana.blogspot. Google doesn't like me today.

  10. I too caught the coughing crud just before Christmas. It is still lingering. Love your finishes. You tulip shaped flowers are always my favorite. Here is to a great 2023

  11. Congratulations on your finishes Audrey and commiseration on the health problems you're dealing with. I sympathise as I have been 'off air' for a couple of weeks - hopefully back in a couple of days. Get well soon!!

  12. Happy New Year! I hope you feel better soon. Those tulip blocks are looking totally amazing!

  13. All three of us have been sick (DH with bronchitis, younger son and I with sinus infections) since Thanksgiving. Finally we are all on the mend but energy levels have yet to catch up. I really do LOVE your moody nine patch! Wishing you and yours a healthy and fulfilling 2023! Quiltdivajulie

  14. Sorry to hear you've been sick. Thank goodness for handwork, right? I've been doing a lot myself since my Mother has moved in with us. She's been feeling her age lately and well she should -- she turns 90 this year! Too bad she doesn't sew. I will need to figure out a way to cast out guilt and find time for my machine again. Your quilts as always are gorgeous. Did you know that orange is one of my favorite colors? I had to laugh at your "languishing oranges".

  15. Beautiful soft finishes, esp "Moody". I hope you feel better.

  16. Happy New Year. Love the moody nine patch so much. Cutie grand daughters, what could be better. Hope you feel completely better soon. I had similar right after New Years, just getting over it, and I'm going to write a "note to self" on my November 2023 calendar "Don't over do it!"

  17. I hope you are feeling better now, we all had it here, horrid...
    Nice finish of your quilt, good idea of using up fabrics for the back, I should do that more often.

  18. OH so sorry to hear you were ill. Hope you are on the mend now!! Your finishes always amaze me! And your grand daughters are simply adorable!

  19. Hope all is well, looking forward to what you are working on now!

  20. It is now the 29th of January and I am really getting worried about you! I hope you kicked your bug and are just taking some time off. Hugs, Kara

  21. So sorry to hear you were ill after the holidays. I think it was going around -- we had to cancel our Christmas with relatives when one of them tested positive for the dreaded COVID. Hoping you were able to bounce back quickly and wishing you a belated Happy New Year and hopes for staying well so you can have a productive 2023!

  22. I like the Mooody 9 patch and love the vintage/make do feel of the Vintage T quilt.


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