Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Something Different For Me

Um.... yeah.  I think maybe it's the smoke from all the wildfires.  Something is definitely out of whack if I voluntarily start cutting and sewing together 'complicated' blocks.  I'm a nervous wreck about this--1st, 2nd and third thoughts, you name it and still..... here's the first block just waiting on the background fabric.
Here's where I veer off in a new direction.
It's a large block.  Waaay bigger than I imagined, which means that now you know how much I read patterns before I got started.  My basket blocks are going to be 9" finished, so that gives you a pretty good frame of reference for the star.  I'm not planning on buying any fabric for this project (until maybe the border) and hopefully I'll find everything I need in my totes.  Please let me find what I need in my totes!
So you can see how big this star is....
The background will definitely need to be pieced because I buy mostly fat quarters.  (And the jury is still out if I will go ahead and sew the curved background pieces on or just applique this big monster to a pieced square.)  This is so not my normal comfort zone, but I'm extremely happy with what I'm doing anyway.  It feels really good to challenge the status quo once in awhile.  You didn't think I was going to sew all basket quilts for the rest of my life did you?*wink


  1. You get an A+ on the circle block. Love the colors. The way you have the blocks laying, makes me think of using the circle block surrounded by basket blocks. The basket blocks could be the sashing.

  2. Looks great...I can't wait to see what you decide to do with it!

  3. I love the circle medallion - every now and then we need challenges!! it keeps life and quilting interesting - we don't get a challenge out of doing simple blocks all the time. I do a lot of challenges I think, but I take my time with them and toss in an easy quilt now and them

  4. Your circle star block looks great...how do you plan to use this? It would look good as a 4 block quilt, with maybe an appliqued vine in the border.

  5. I love the baskets~ It has inspired me to make some...mine will be very wonky I'm sure. Good work! ♥


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