Thursday, September 27, 2012

It's a Strange One, I'll Admit

Still working on the purple flowers and then there will just be a couple leaves left to applique on this part of the quilt top.  It's a strange little quilt project, but considering that I'm working without any pattern, templates, or really any sort of plan other than the name of the quilt......  I'm calling it '4 Stages of Creativity' and it's my tribute to how the creative process works as can be applied to me and my quilting obsessions.
4 Stages of Creativity
My kids don't understand the weird blue wormy things coming out of the flowers but to me, it's so obvious--flower stamens anyone?  And, big AND, I'm still trying to use that weird piece of yellow fabric that we're required to use for our next Pieceable Souls project.  I just love combining a couple projects into one in case you didn't already know that!  So... In the event you are actually interested, I plan on appliqueing the words 1. Preparation, 2. Incubation, 3. Illumination, and then 4. Implementation onto the lighter black borders--probably in a purple-ish fabric.  Years ago, when I first read all about the 4 stages of creativity, it felt like a light went off in my brain.  Hello?  All those years of barely passing art classes and feeling like a total failure? They should really be teaching quilting classes in the public school systems.  Kind of like offering both algebra and business math as math credits.  Okay.  I'll just stop there.
The last of my Vertical baskets
Skipping around from project to project like I do, I still managed to get the last of my baskets for the Vertical Basket quilt done this week.  Now for some hard decisions about the handles, which should go on lickety-split when I actually set down to do them.  Hopefully now that most of our local wildfires are slowing down, the air quality will get better fast.  These last couple weeks of low-grade headaches and sinus troubles are wearing us all down.


  1. Your creative block is not strange. It is prim style wonderful!

  2. Very interesting information. I had not heard of this process before.
    I think your quilt will be wonderful..especially when you add all the words.

  3. I aagree, not strange - creative and wonderful. Besides - what so kids know! (Just kidding)
    Love your baskets - the pattern and your fabric choices.


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