Sunday, September 23, 2012

Making Good Progress!

Sundays are always a busy day for us, so I'm shocked if I make it to the computer before super late in the evening.  I actually finished up 14 more Fleur-de-lis setting triangles this weekend and thought it was good progress for a Kathy's Slow Stitching Sunday link-up.  
More Fleur-de-lis blocks
The background is a soft woven fabric which seems to make the applique work a breeze.  Note to self:  Woven fabrics plus applique work make for a very happy quilter.*wink  Right now these are looking kind of creepy looking, but on the Blackbird Design quilt border, they are incredible.  So glad I made the decision to tough it out and make 48 of these little add-ons.....


  1. Can't wait to see how they will look! You are making great progress!
    Thanks for linking up to Slow Sunday Stitching!

  2. I can picture these in a border. What a great addition.

  3. 48! well they look like they go pretty fast. It is good to stitch slow.


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