Friday, June 8, 2012

Scrappy Triangles

Yes!  I was able to sandwich and pin this quilt today! It's a little on the dark side, not exactly perfectly pieced (or color balanced?) but I love it and it's exactly the right size to not seriously alarm my inner 'do you seriously think you can get any hand quilting done this time of year' control freak.  (Or you could call it a sneaky challenge to myself.)  Whatever.  A couple of my kids went to the library and the others obligingly hid out in their bedrooms while I took over the living room floor.  The pattern that I used to make this quilt called it a 'scrappy 90 degree triangle' quilt, but over at Tim Quilts, he calls his a 'Thousand Pyramids' quilt.  After looking at his beautiful quilt, I'm planning on hand quilting mine in a similar fashion.
Getting ready to start pinning...
Not that I'm a copy cat of his on purpose, you know--stalker like!  I've been checking these quilts out ever since I got first started on this quilt, trying to figure out the best way to do the hand quilting.  There was one other quilt that I noticed last year (can't seem to find it now) that had very simple quilting as well and they both just seem to shine with the simplicity of the quilting design.  So that's it.  I'm convinced.  Besides, I think I need something that I don't have to be making multiple decisions about right about now.  Simple.  Easy.  Fun.  Relaxing.  That's my summer rule when I remember it.*wink
The yellow print in the middle started something big here!
I only wish I could have managed to get a better picture of the yellow print that was the catalyst for this entire project.  One day I was rummaging through my stash and came across this particular fabric.  For some reason, it just jumped out at me and caused me to start in on this serious amount of digging and tearing through my fabric totes for complementary fabric.  Then for the pattern.  I had never attempted this kind of pattern before and I was very, very nervous because triangles are so not my thing.*groan  The end result was that it fit with the fabric perfectly and I've promised myself that I will NOT be afraid anymore. hehe
I do think I like the quilt from this direction better though!


  1. You pieced those triangles together oh so well!

  2. it looks great! I love your fabric choice...great variety and yet creating overall unity. very nice!

  3. It does look wonderful! You have mastered the triangle, I think. I love all your colors together. (Tim said it well!) Happy quilting!

  4. that's lovely! Such a great pattern and the fabrics are great!

  5. Everything about this quilt top is STUNNING!


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