Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Feeling a Bit Frazzled

We just survived our oldest son's senior graduation and then tonight was our youngest daughter's 8th grade promotion!  I have been feeling the oddest mixture of pride, happiness, sadness, relief, exhilaration, and many more emotions I'm sure.  The next phase of our life is just starting and I just don't know if I'm completely ready for it.:)
All the hand quilting finished!!
Anyway, seeing as this is supposed to be a quilty blog, I suppose I'd better explain away my pictures!  Sometime before the end of last week I was able to put the last stitch in this 'Floating 4-patch' quilt.  Our Internet has been playing games with us for almost a week though, so I couldn't post about it and then frankly, I was too busy to do much about it anyway.
I forgot to cut the fabric away from the back of the trees
so I just loosely quilted them using stab stitching.
Did I mention that we hosted a barbecue for almost 60 people on Saturday in celebration of our graduate?  Honestly, at times I wish my quilting room was in the back corner of the house so I could have snuck away to get in some good therapy time.*wink
Upstairs waiting on the binding decision.
If I can just get through the rest of this week, maybe life will slow down to a dull roar.  I have so many quilts fighting for space in my head that I want to work on!  Plus, if I could be guaranteed a window of 3 hours or so of quiet time (nobody bopping through my front door), I could sandwich my next quilt.  It just doesn't feel right to not have a quilt in the hoop....


  1. Your quilt turned out so nice! I can see almost any color binding looking good.

  2. I love the applique on your patchwork - I have done things like that too and always love the results.

  3. The applique takes a simple design and makes it special.

  4. Audrey your quilt is amazing I love the added touch of the trees! your hand quilting is exquisite.
    Sorry that your children are growing up, I am sure the mixture of feelings can be overwhelming, we quilters are very fortunate to have this hobby to help us through them.
    Congrats on both your children.

  5. the quilt looks great!....I hope the rest of the week goes well and you can get some quality time with a quilt soon :)


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