Monday, June 11, 2012

A Few More Baskets

I have actually  hand quilted a couple frames of my 'Scrappy Triangles' quilt in the late evenings, but I wanted to show what else has been happening around here.  When I'm in the mood, it seems I don't know when to quit!
Finishing up a few more black & brown baskets.
Looking closely, I can see some major variations in the center cut-outs of the baskets, which as you can imagine, troubles me greatly.  NOT!  I am almost always on auto-pilot with these little guys anymore....

I did step inside my quilting room on Saturday and strange as it may seem, I worked on mending.  Yep.  I fixed two skirts and then sewed a ruffle onto one of my daughters sundresses.  Sometime I have to ease into the fine art of working on quilt blocks.  Get to know my sewing machine all over again or something.  Weird.  Well, I did wonder if I'm stalling because I really haven't made any major decisions yet about the sashing on my 'Broken Dishes Part Deux'.  Maybe I need to cut out another quilt to jump start that process?*wink


  1. These look great! I made this quilt (much smaller than the original!) a couple years ago. I plan to share it later today at guild as the show and tell theme today is "baskets". How funny that the first blog I visit today is the same quilt!

  2. I love the baskets!


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