Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Outside My Comfort Zone

I think am trying to go outside my comfort zone--just a little. The goldy orange print fabric cut into triangles in the first picture was actually my catalyst for the entire quilt. Shortly after I saw it (while looking for fabric for another quilt mind you), I starting bemoaning the fact that I had so little of it left and wouldn't it make a gloriously beautiful quilt? I had about an 1/8 of a yard left and decided to use it as the 'focus fabric' for an entire quilt idea. This vintage quilt pattern caught my eye and suddenly I was rummaging through my totes of fabric for the perfect blend of fabrics. I sometimes get a little tired of the sheer TIME involved in doing applique and this quilt pattern seemed like a gorgeous alternative, while still allowing me to play with the whole 'scrap' look that I seem to be addicted to. Never mind that it involves hundreds of equilateral triangles. blerk! I am cutting this quilt out one row at a time and since I am using templates (Ugghhh!), this is a completely different process than I am used to. Sometimes different is good? A shake-up/or and a different perspective? We shall see, but meanwhile this is feeling Really good to me.:)

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