Friday, January 28, 2011

Quilting Block, It Really Does Happen

I'm stuck. Positively grounded. My 'around the block' quilt from our Pieceable Souls group has hit a serious dead end with the free form hand quilting. I have finished everything (from the center out) up to the green scalloped border. Aggghhh!!! It's so frustrating because it seemed to be going Very Well and now I'm dead in the water. I really, really want to stick with the mostly non-marking idea, but I'm afraid the scalloped border needs something special. The fabric is almost a solid--I know, I know it has stripes, but the quilting will show just like if the fabric were a solid. This is the hard part, because I know I can dither about this for a month and dink my valuable quilting time away....

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