Tuesday, March 13, 2012

With Hand Quilters, The Hoop is Never Empty For Long

Time to get a new quilt in the hoop!  Don't mind me, I'm practically rubbing my hands with glee.  I love having a fresh new quilt to work on!  I have a very dark churn dash quilt that I am going to get started on some day.*guilt guilt  It's been 'next up' for over a year now and I keep shoving it to the back and thinking 'oh no, not in the mood!' which is of course, a quilters prerogative.:)
Ready to pin
Once again, I chose elsewhere and settled on this Floating 4-patch quilt top as it is nice and springy and seems to be calling out to me.  Can you believe it snowed again yesterday?  Ughh, we are so done with snow.
Such a Springy look to it, I can't resist.
I have been playing around with 4-patches, 9-patches, even 25-patches etc. for a couple years now.  The placement of color and value in a quilt, especially when using such simple shapes, is a never ending source of amazement to me.  There is this vague hope that by keeping the pattern simple, I will more easily understand the concept of value in quilt making.*wink  This quilt was inspired from an Amish quilt I saw in a magazine somewhere.  I had to add in some applique of course as I'm always thinking applique will improve things.

And speaking of applique improving things, I impulsively pulled this quilt top out the other day and decided it needed a little extra.
One of my 9-patch experiments.
In my spare time (hehe) I am adding words on to the borders of this quilt.  Sometimes I'm a bit whimsical and I guess I don't ever really think any of my quilt tops are completely, absolutely, truly finished until the binding is sewn down.:)
You just never know, it could be a good idea....

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