Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Mystery Quilt Has Been De-mystified

We are getting close to another Pieceable Souls quilting meeting.  I have all 20 of my pinwheel blocks finished--just yesterday I completed my very last one.  Because we are a very busy little group, our meetings are spread out and expectations are kept to a very low key.  No pressure!!  The next meeting will be about lay-out and (I'm assuming) the corner blocks we still need to make.
How I wish I had a bigger design wall!
As soon as we started sewing together these pinwheel blocks and then I realized the other blocks were going to be cut and re-sewn into 9-patch blocks, I've had this feeling that I've seen this quilt before.  Sure enough. This mystery quilt was based on the 'Playground Days' quilt from 'Material Obsession 2' by Kathy Doughty and Sarah Fielke.  I actually own the book, but honestly, I barely even glanced at this quilt because I was too busy drooling over 'Gypsy Kisses' (the eyelash quilt) and 'Now and Then' (the scrappy tulip quilt).  I do so want to make those quilts some day!  They're totally on my SomeDay list.
Aren't these sweet?
I can definitely see why my mom chose this quilt to use for our mystery project. It is based on very simple blocks, so that all of the impact relies on the fabric--our latest and greatest challenge.  Three out of six of us own this book, so that just leaves the others to make sure and get their copy so as to satisfy the copyright laws etc. etc.  We've done this one other time with a Kim Diehl pattern and it worked out very well for our little group of quilters.
Gotta say thanks! for the inspiration.
We have a very limited range of quilting stores to buy from here in the back of beyond, especially when it comes to the more modern, contemporary styles of fabric.  I ended up buying about a third of my fabric on-line at the 'Fat Quarter Shop'.  If I would have realized this was a 'Material Obsession' design, I would have completed freaked out and bought everything on-line instead of trying to scrounge through my stash for a base.  Seriously mom?  My normal fabric does not EVEN belong in one of their luscious designs.*sigh

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