Saturday, March 17, 2012

Motivation to Keep Plodding Forward

As of yesterday, I now have all of my little green baskets completed!  I decided to take a picture of all the finished blocks together so as to encourage me to keep pressing forward with the next color group.
Completed Blocks
On a whim, I put the brown and black baskets (yet to be appliqued) up next to the other stacks of blocks.  The color looks a bit strong, but hopefully that will not be the case once they're actually sewn onto the background?  Plus, if I ever get to the Fleur De Lis blocks, they are going to be in those same black and brown colors.  Of course, this is where I start to seriously agonize about my color choices.  Did I mess it all up and more importantly, after all of this work do I even care?  In case you hadn't realized after the hundredth picture I've posted of my baskets, I have become quite attached to and fond of my little baskets.  They look very sweet to me, especially the ones I obviously worked on in dingily lighted gyms.*wink
My little stack of black/brown baskets in comparison.
And then, because I can't seem to help myself, I started another project this week.  I was sewing the sample block together when I realized that my Prairie Vine quilt with the owl had been made out of broken dishes blocks as well.  It just looks so different when it's not all scrapped up!  How could I not realize?  Too funny that I was once again drawn to the same block.  Oh well, series work is always very tedious informative.  Also, these are very similar fabrics to the ones I'm working on in my 'All Grayed Down' quilt but that's okay too.  Seriously, very okay.  I'm adding oranges to this quilt and trying to work with a lot of black and white fabric--a challenge all on it's own to this 'brown is my favorite neutral' quilter.  If you don't work on what your mind is trying to puzzle out, you'll lose steam and end up with stacks and stacks of fabric and no real energy to do anything with it.  At least, that's my justification today for starting yet another quilt....
Broken Dishes Part Deux


  1. Hey, I see a green basket in the bunch. Good for St. Patrick's Day (which is gone already) but you posted on the 17th. You have a good many made. I don't think the fabric colors make that much difference in a quilt with so many different ones used.

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