Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sometimes Progress Comes in Fits and Starts

Although I have been pushing to finish up the hand quilting on my quilts in a more timely manner this year, sometimes it's seems to be a slow go regardless.  This quilt has made me realize that when the pattern is uniform throughout the entire quilt, it can be really hard to keep focus.  Especially when it's almost Springtime and my kids are keeping me hopping busy.*wink  My thread color barely shows up, so I made the light and shadows do all the work in showing you my progress.
Trying to show the stitching....
I get a little restless this time of year, mostly because my time to quilt seems to be so broken up and undependable.  It makes me jump around from quilt to quilt even more which probably would drive most people completely insane, but helps me keep things on track.  I know, it sounds hokey, but it does work for me.  Watch me.  I do get things accomplished around here even when it seems like Nothing Is Being Done!
The colors I want to work with right now.
Daylight savings reminded me once again that I don't do well with things like time change.  I have been pondering (for the longest time) if I should just rip my clunky, awkward looking tulip/flower thing off of this quilt and start over.  Now that my memory has been refreshed, I'm saying NO.  This is me at Daylight savings time and a week after.  Very off of my game.  I can't go to bed at the right time to get to sleep properly and my days are completely messed up.  So now I'm working on another border with the greens and salmon pink fabrics and a cherry red solid fabric for background.  Fingers crossed that I like the finished product!
Trying to figure things out.


  1. always nice to see another hand quilter out here, love that quilt in the top photo.

  2. The quilting on this is just gorgeous! I really want to learn to make pretty patterns like that on my quilts. I get a little better with each on and this is where I want to end up someday. Lovely!

    And I'm with you on the crazy time changes twice a year. I don't ever feel right until we move the clocks back to the right time in the fall!.


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