Monday, March 26, 2012

The Baby Quilt is Done Too

My 'Retro Baby' quilt that I started last year is just waiting on a label.  This would be the first time I've made a quilt almost entirely with solid fabrics.  I admit, It was uncomfortable for me.  I didn't completely enjoy it and obviously I just had to add in a printed fabric.  Now that it's over and done with, I can say that I learned a lot and I'm not nearly as scared of solids as I once was.  In fact, it's really kinda cute, isn't it?
Lil' 'retro baby' is all done except for a label
 I love the back, although I know that I just chunked a fat quarter together for the additional length without any regards to trying to match it up.  That makes it better in my book.  I like the casual-ness of that tremendously because I think it helps me look like I don't take myself too seriously.*wink
And the back....
 Some progress was also made in the quilt room this weekend after I got all my grocery shopping etc. done with.  I ended up skipping my daughters track meet (and my sons baseball game) to come home to get some time in on my 'Broken Dishes Part Deux' quilt.  I was making some real headway until one of my fat quarter fabrics took my mind off into never-never-land and I got a little bit sidetracked from my cutting goal.....
More lovely scraps for the scrap bin....
Just a little.  I'm not good with real light fabrics and I have to constantly remind myself to even buy them.  You know like, my eye doesn't even acknowledge their existence in the quilt stores until they practically fall off the shelf into my arms.  So it's intriguing that I've been seeing finally noticing a certain style of quilts on blogs from places like Holland, the Netherlands, Australia, and England that rely on a preponderance of light fabrics.  Most of the ones I adore then add in a red fabric to accent and brighten the quilt which makes for a very charming, yet kind of old fashioned look that I am in love with right now.  Maybe because it's Spring?
Hmmm, do you think it will work together?


  1. I think you can be proud of this quilt. It's lovely !! But I understand what you think about solid fabrics. As if printed fabrics are less uneventful (is it the right word.... difficult to translate)

  2. This is so cute! The doted fabric goes just perfectly in there. You did a really good job. And it's so different from the basket quilt in your last post, which is beautiful too!

  3. The quilt with the solids is wonderful. I have a bundle of solids in my cupboard and I must learn to use them too.


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