Friday, March 23, 2012

Another Finish

It feels good to get in another finish.  This binding is very light, and comes across as a very definitive accent.  Not my usual style, but I had this fabric already and it seemed like a good choice to frame the dark border of this quilt.  Sometimes I let my frugal habits get the better of me, but this time I think it worked out okay.
Finally, it's finished!
I like to hang the newly finished quilts in my quilting
room for awhile so I can admire them while I work.:)


  1. Wonderful finish! Your "make-do" has created a quilt you can be proud of. I like my quilt to be on the wall in the sewing room for a while too. That is, if I can get it up there.

  2. I love your style! Great quilt!!

  3. oh my !!! Love it !!!


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