Sunday, December 11, 2011

Recording The Final Step

My life is careening completely out of control lately.  Four children, six schedules, Christmas around the corner and my little quilting hobby is getting shoved way back on the back burner.  I can't figure out how anyone ever gets anything done this time of year.  Do they have maids?  Magic elves?  Eating disorders?  (Sorry, couldn't resist the last because it takes time to eat all the goodies this time of year too.)
Okay, it's officially a FINISH!
My photography does not do this quilt justice!  It's actually very lovely.
I haven't always managed to get a picture of the final step for each of my quilts--completion!!--and I think that's very weird and strange of me.  Probably related to the fact that every single picture on this blog is exactly the same exact size except for one picture of two quilts with ribbons on them from a little tiny quilt show.  That's so embarrassing!  Seriously.  Why do so many of us everyday, garden variety quilters blow up and magnify our mistakes, then turn around and minimize our best and greatest accomplishments?  I know, it's so people will laugh WITH US instead of about us.  And really, I do genuinely get a kick out of pointing out my mistakes and foibles for posterity's sake.  I just wish I could learn to make the awesome kinds of mistakes that people gasp over and decide is ultimately sheer genius.  In the meantime, I need to go do some laundry for the oldest child who is 'technically' in charge of doing his own laundry, but always manages to run out of clean underwear.

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