Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Moving Slowly in the Month of May

I'm just sort of plugging along because that's what I do. Rain or shine, quilting seems to make up a little tiny bit of my day. All the scallops are quilted into the mid portion of this quilt. It was so simple and easy to do, I just sort of wallowed in it and didn't really rush at all.

Ah Ha quilt in the hoop
Now I've moved into the 'ah ha' section and that's going well too. Mostly I'm just having trouble actually getting the quilt into my lap these days. So many things are interfering with hand quilting time that I just wanna scream. Once the hoop is in my lap and the needle is doing its thing, we're all good. A completion should be coming along in a month or two at this rate.*sigh

Ring Around applique blocks
There are 20 'Ring Around' blocks to do in all and as of this moment, I've completed 7 of them. I purposely chose the off colored background blocks to stitch first and so then of course, I had to second guess what in the world I was thinking. Now I'm starting to see an overall pattern emerge and well, it's a bit stronger and bolder than expected. Hmmm...  The background with the center medallion pieces have been done since 2018 so it's more than time to do something with them. Especially since they were kicked out of the original project. Oh well. I'm not feeling panicked or anything, just sort of bemused. Definitely not unpicking anything at this point!

The back of the 'guy' quilt
When things get especially busy and/or stressful here at the home front {and boy howdy, have the troubles been piling up lately}, my creativity seems to go into a serious hibernation mode. One way of coaxing it out is to dive into open ended projects that are mostly about chain piecing.

Very little truly wonky looking strips
I started this particular project back in March when I was knee deep in improv. strips. Oh hey! Why not start another one! The idea was to make a quilt geared toward the masculine with my youngest son as the potential beneficiary. 

A little bit of interest going on
I'd been thinking about this for quite awhile and basically what I wanted to do was to make a very simple quilt with a compass like motif and the letters NW near it. 

Loving the addition of the old blue gingham
and red/blue shirting fabric
Simple, basic and something my outdoorsy, hiking loving son would appreciate. All made with the oldy moldie fabrics at the bottom of the stash bins though, which obviously complicated things. There was just not enough good greens to go with the true 'outdoors look' route. Gah. Okay, Just gotta 'make do' as usual, and that is why the quilt ended up being rust, blue, red and cream. Some day I am going to clear out the big 'ol pile of rust colored fabric, I promise you!

Figuring out the applique on the front
Anyway, long story short, I jumped into the BACK of the quilt first--ending up with the improv. strippy rows. Just sewing, sewing, sewing. That is not the front as you might have assumed, but the back of the quilt. And now I have the measurements for the front of the quilt and where to start thinking about how/where to begin. 

Confession time: I went and bought a chunk of the blue striped fabric for the largest piece of the background. Yep. It felt necessary in order for the applique to make sense. I'm starting with the plaid, slightly off-perfect compass and the red NW letters and then.... well, who knows what will happen next. There are still quite a few of the improv. strips leftover from the back so some of them might end up finding a home on the front as well. Everything and nothing is on the table for this project. So far it's not exactly thrilling me, but overall the look is comfy and comfy is good. If it resonates with my son then that's the real win. Not gonna spend too much time overthinking this one, that's for sure!

p.s. I might, maybe, thinking about still, putting one more wider cream/red strip on the far left side of the quilt. Just 'cuz it's looking a little too balanced for me. Might be good to shake it up a little bit? Even if it is the back..... lol


  1. I love that Ring pattern it is looking great. The first quilt folded up is yelling to me unfold it so I can see it lol - it looks pretty too

  2. I, too, am in a chain piecing/simple sewing lull. Making some progress but not pushing myself either. I have always liked your Ah Ha quilt and I'm very much liking the masculine coins (and that appliqué is awesome - the not-ordinary compass is grand). Stay the course - one stitch at a time. (Quiltdivajulie)

  3. Your posts always make smile as you ponder, reponder and then jump in with both feet. 😃🦶🦶

  4. all of the quilts in various stages of completion look great, but the 'guy' quilt is looking so very good - love the back, it's wonky 'make do' look!

  5. Your Ring Around blocks looked pretty interesting when I turned the photo to show them on point. However you set them it's going to be an interesting quilt. I think your son will love his new quilt, love the compass pointing a bit away from the center top - like the difference between true and magnetic north. And the coins as a quilt back, wonderful!

  6. What a neat quilt for your son. Love all the thoughtful bits. And of course, all the Coins. They are such a comfort when our minds wander.

  7. I'm with you on creativity going into hibernation if we're coping with stressful situations - strips or coins are an ideal coping mechanism and always give us a good result. Your Ring Around blocks look mighty complicated but very interesting, I wish I had the patience to work on something like these.

  8. Wonderful progress and thanks for sharing your project 'thinking process.'
    So much inspiration there. Your hand quilting is super!

    1. Oops! My comment just disappeared so I don't know if it published or not. I guess I'll wait and see if it shows up to know whether to add to it or not. I'll just say the compass quilt is going to be fun to watch come together.

  9. I'm loving "the back" with all those coin strips, so I'm sure the front will be exciting too! And yep, your 'ring around the blocks' is looking super.

  10. Grams Jean, OR, USAMay 27, 2022 at 6:21 PM

    Love that blur stripe you chose for your backing. The striped front is giving me ideas, thanks!

  11. So many yummy project always going on at your place. Stitching is therapy, so the more you do, the better things seem! Love the Ah Ha quilt...it's very springy and happy looking!

  12. I love the Ring Around quilt! The "boy" quilt is so cool. He is so going to love that!!

  13. That is the best backing I've seen in a very long time! I think it could be reversible. :) Ring around the quilt- WOW!


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