Saturday, October 24, 2020

Checking In to Say I'm Alive and Kicking

There's a new quilt in the hoop. Something easy and lighthearted. Possibly a little bit fallish too! It makes me very happy to have this in my lap late in the evening. Good vibes!
Dried Flowers

Of course I'm hand quilting it. Most of you know that machine quilting is definitely not my forte!
Getting sandwiched and pinned

I have a fond spot for this particular quilt. All the improv. strings make my heart sing. Plus using up the abandoned bits for the flowers was just pure fun. I'm probably overstating the case, but can you tell that this quilt makes me smile?
Looking at the applique

Then there's this Four-Block Tulip quilt on the wall. The color in the picture is not quite right but I confess that it still has an old fashioned vibe. Honestly, I'm loving that! Looking forward to putting a wide scrappy yellow border on next. Got to have a good background for more applique! And yes, I deliberately chopped the corners off of the square-in-a-square cornerstones....
4-Block Tulip Medallion on the wall!

I've also been staring at this small pile of fabric. Need to make a baby quilt and these just appeal so much! Pretty much every spare brain cell is dead though. Not coming up with any good ideas!

The fabric stack is marinating

Somehow in the busyness of life, we found time to take a family picture. Don't have our oldest son and his wife {and grandkids} in it, but we were super happy with the fall tones. And it was all very impulsive one day {after church} when we somehow realized that our clothing matched very well. Hopefully I can get organized enough to get this on some Christmas cards here in a couple weeks.
Family is everything
And yes, I have most definitely gained some Coronavirus weight this year. My youngest daughter and I have been getting some walks in on a regular basis lately, trying to improve our mental health and hopeful get me {a little tiny bit} closer to a healthier weight. 

Pumpkin bread

But you know how it is. Fall is in the air and doesn't that mean it's time for pumpkin bread? I'm just not gonna stress too much about it. There's enough of that going on in life! We actually had snow yesterday though it didn't stick here in town. Thank goodness! I'm so not ready for winter! On a good note, I'm thinking that one more week in the home office and then that particular backlog will be finished up and out of my hair. Yay! Is my creativity completely dried up and blown away by now? You don't even know how very, very sick of paperwork I am....


  1. love how you say you need to loose weight and then show homemade bread - I did the same thing today! made bread. Love the quilt and the funky looking flowers and leaves.

  2. Yes, family is everything! And such a great autumn pic of you all. Your 'dried flowers' is looking wonderful, enjoy quilting it. I think many of us may have just a little extra coronavirus weight hanging on too :(

  3. Just know you are in good company.... I keep forging on, plowing through the projects but creativity is at a low right now... I've managed to not gain covid weight but it is a struggle with the exercise thing.... keep planning it and just not DOING it! Love the partial family pic... beautiful fam! :)

  4. Such a nice family photo. Perfect with your fall color clothing mix and the fall colors of nature. I really love your Dried Flowers quilt! Love the layered petals and the different shapes of leaves. I can completely see how this quilt makes your heart sing. The 4-block Tulip Medallion looks wonderful. I don’t know what the sashing design between the blocks is called but it’s a perfect framing for the baskets of tulips. It feels like a basket weave itself. I’m sure the marinading fabric stack will tell you what it is to be when it is time. The pumpkin bread looks so yummy.

  5. Love your quilts! I enjoyed seeing your family photo. :)

  6. What a beautiful quilt! I love florals and especially blues and this looks really folksy. I bet I've put on a lot more weight than you have, in fact I am munching on something right now. (

  7. Love the color combination in this quilt! It just makes my heart sing. Kind of like your Red Riding Hood quilt. I just love that one and would someday like to get that color combination going. The design of the "Dried Flowers" quilt is very satisfying too. Just a wonderful mixture of piecing and applique.

  8. You have a lovely family!
    And home made anything is delicious, I read some Weight Watcher advice once and it mentioned that instead of denying try being careful of portions. Like if some food is high calorie just don't eat a lot of it. That has helped me.
    And your projects are beautiful. I think the look of hand quilting is classic and can't be beat.

  9. I always love seeing what you have been up to. Both of your quilts are progressing quite nicely. I can see why that first quilt makes you smile - it makes me smile too. And how wonderful that you got a family photo. We try to get family photos in every time we get together.

  10. Easy to see why you love that first quilt, it has everything going for it, the fun little flowers and those great leaves that mimic flat pea pods, the string sashing strips, perfect for hand quilting. And the tulip quilt, someday I've just got to make one! You're so right, family is everything, and you're blessed to have three of your children still living close to you.

  11. Your quilt in the hoop makes me smile too. It is a happy looking quilt and I love the color combo. I have to tell you that reading your improv adventures has made me want to attempt some improv of my own. I recently bought a plastic sack full of another quilters scraps and orphan blocks. I stuck them all up on my design wall and have been pondering what to do with them!

  12. Just love your dried flowers quilt. And you are not the only one with extra corona weight, I struggle to get rid of it. Warm greetings

  13. I have a fondness for your dried flowers quilt too! How nice to get enough of your family together for a group photo. Bravo!

  14. Firstly, just have to say your family photo is wonderful. So good to see you!
    Such great creative quilts as always, but I especially like your 4 block Tulip quilt, the sashing design sets it off so well.

  15. I have enjoyed Dried Flowers from the beginning. You inspired me to keep some cut offs. And I remember the fun when you were choosing the shape and colors of the leaves. What a treat to see it in the hoop now.
    Your softer, quieter fabrics show us how beautiful they are and how well they fit into a home.

  16. love your quilt in the hoop and your tulip project. Lovely colors, both.

  17. Lovely to see that you are still with us and quilting to your heart's content Audrey. Much as I like the one that you've just finished, that medallion is a real stunner. You have a great eye! Great family pic too!


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