Thursday, November 8, 2018

A Very Yellow Post

I have so enjoyed hand quilting on Quarter Circles Round #2. There's just something about this bold, in-your-face yellow quilt that makes me smile. Today has seen the first stage of the binding sewn on and surprisingly, {at least to me}, it's going to be red. Two striped pieces of homespun straight from the stash.
Ready for binding
More and more, I pull binding fabrics from the stash. Even if I have to use four to six fabrics? Who cares. I certainly don't! It just helps to add charm and homemade flavor to many quilts.

Next up in the hoop is the Basket Medallion quilt. The first post I could find concerning this quilt was from February 2013. This is one that I regret not getting quilted much, much sooner. You know, like during the time I was still enthused about it? Yeah, it wasn't always this way.
Starting in the  middle--already have the
top two baskets quilted!
I had a enormous amount of fun while building this quilt. It was something that kept me very engaged and I even typed up one of my rare tutorials, all about how to make pieced borders fit properly. A couple people asked and I gave it my level best. Most replied back that it did actually make sense, and might even help them just a little bit with future projects. That was pretty cool, even though tutorials are mind-numbingly time consuming....
Trying to figure out how to quilt that yellow sawtooth border....
Medallions are still one of my very favorite style of quilts as I'm sure you've all noticed. I love 'em! There's almost always one or two medallion style quilts in the works around here and often, I'm busy behind the scenes planning out yet another one. They totally, unashamedly, make my motor run.

But somehow, somewhere, through the depths of time, I've lost connection to this particular quilt. Maybe it's the old color palette that doesn't have enough happy in it to suit me these days. Whatever.  It was on my 2018 absolutely-gonna-get-it-finished-up list and by George, it's gonna happen. Too much money for professional long arm work {on something I feel 'meh' about}, I'm horrible at machine quilting and well, yeah. Guess that leaves hand quilting.
Most borders should quilt up easy peasy....
Which will only make it look nicer. I know!! It's gonna be fine and probably, like always, I'll fall back in love and get all sappy and sweet and you'll want to gag. But it will be crossed off the list and someday I'll even find the perfect person to gift it to. You know I will. That being said, I'm gonna push hard on this one 'cuz I want it done before December happens. Oooh, do I ever....
Love this giveaway so much!
On a different note, I won another giveaway! So much fun. I've been entering giveaways over at Okan Arts for like, forever. Always good stuff to drool over. This giveaway was one Uppercase magazine and a copy of the new Little U magazine from the same publisher. I've been eyeballing the Uppercase magazines for a long time now so am thrilled to get the addition with an article about quilts made out of wooden pieces! Now, thanks to Patricia Belyea and her generous spirit, I have some great weekend reading! Someday I would love to browse through her store in Seattle, if ever the opportunity presented itself....


  1. Love your Quarter Circles quilt ~ your hand quilting adds another beautiful aspect to your quilt. I have that copy of Uppercase, great article on wooden quilts. Only thing is the magazine is so expensive to purchase here in Australia, I have to really love the issue to justify buying the mag.

  2. have to laugh at "in your face yellow" - love it

  3. Congrats on another finish ! Love the yellow on this one. I had the privilege to take a doodle piecing class from Patricia at her very cool shop in Seattle. (Helps that she lives close to my son.) I would love to take another. Happy reading!

  4. Your not-so-mellow yellow is the color of the Norway maples lining the streets of the smaller villages around here in late October-early November, so it's perfect for our season. I hope you find yourself in love with your basket quilt again, it's gorgeous, and I need to go back and read those tutorials again. As I recall they made a lot of sense, and a refresher is always good.. Congratulations on your win from Okan Arts! I love her vintage yukata fabrics, someday I hope to buy one or two yards and make a wall quilt for my son who loves all things Japanese.

  5. I love when you make medallion quilts!
    And that yellow background is gorgeous! So warm and light-giving!

  6. Your projects are wonderful!
    Thanks for the Okan Arts tip. I visited there and was pleasantly
    surprised at their workshops and classes and photos of curved and
    improv work, wow. They're on the ball aren't they?

  7. Thanks for the tip off to Okan Arts. How awesome, another rabbit hole to venture down. I love your yellow quilt and I really love the basket quilt. Totally hand quilting worthy and I look forward to hearing about your love affair with this quilt, again. Thanks for inspiring me.

  8. I'm loving yellow at the moment, so you are ticking all the boxes for me. I like the baskets too; I bet once it's all quilted and textured you find you feel better about it again.

  9. Congratulations on finishing Quarter Circles Round #2. I'm sure the binding is on by now.
    Must tell you I love the Basket Medallion. I like medallions but don't make them frequently enough. And I won some scissors from Patricia a few years ago. (I never win anything.) These are great - very sharp Japanese. I've already cut my fingers twice. So your magazines sound much safer. Enjoy.

  10. This quilt is beautiful . . . I am so impressed and I love yellow :)

  11. I am so with you on the longarm thing. It isn't just the money, but I am less than enthusiastic about the outcome. That yellow in Quarter Circles is superb! The hand quilting gives it so much texture. And lucky you for winning the Uppercase stuff. I love Janine's style and philosophy, but cannot afford to keep up my subscription. I do want to keep up with the Little U since I have lots of nieces and nephews that enjoy it.

  12. Years ago, I read that every quilt needs a bit of yellow. For a bit of punch and to draw your eye round the quilt. I don't know how true that is. Some people don't care to use it at all.

  13. Lovely quilts as usual!!
    I met Patricia last year in Houston. I bet her shop is sweet as can be with lots of treasures!


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