Thursday, November 15, 2018

One Little Step At a Time

Back to work on the pineapple blocks. It's been almost a year since they were set aside, but you have to know they were never forgotten. I've played with all kinds of layout ideas and background colors since, dragging them out for a brief consultation and then putting them away in frustration once again.
The Pineapple Quilt
Finally, this fall, I settled into the idea of vertical rows {how boring!} in a background of a light, almost coral pink fabric. All the various yellow and gold fabrics used were bound and determined to squabble, and nothing seemed to bring peace but that particular pink. I didn't have quite enough yardage, but found a couple small pieces of other prints that blended well enough that most people will never notice the difference.

Then came the decisions for the connecting strips that I had determined were necessary. Blue was my first choice, but no....., it had to be yellow. Oh, but what color yellow? And round and round we went. Eventually I took a very muted gold striped fabric and paired it with a bright, spunky yellow in an effort to create balance throughout the quilt. Too much yellow? There is a green-blue fabric lurking in my stash that might, possibly, fingers crossed!, pull everything together as the next border.
Prep work
In my minds eye, the quilt needed connecting strips filled with busy applique work. Try as I might though, in all my rough drawings, nothing would satisfy. So here we be, at the last phase of stitching down some very simple stacked {but slightly wonky} diamond shaped pieces of color. When those 6 diamonds are stitched down, then I will sew the connecting strips on and move on to the question of how to finish off the quilt. At this point it is still just a few inches longer than than it is wide. That helps as I often struggle more with square quilts.
Just needs a little more stitching
As the applique work has stacked up around here, I've tried to be diligent about finishing one set of applique pieces before moving on to the next in line. These are all of the 12 Dried Flower blocks now, 72 leaves later! Funny how it looks so easy, but the time it takes... Wowsers. Sometimes I think I must be the dreamiest dreamer of all. Oh, it's only a few leaves and how cute will that be?
All the flowers on the wall
But it's always worthwhile as anyone who loves applique detail will attest to. Now I'm starting to get a bit of anxiety about how to put these odd shaped {8"x20"} blocks together without totally ruining the look that I 'see' in my head. I know that it often looks ridiculously easy around here, but yeah, about that... Behind the scenes there are definitely moments. Aghhh!!! What was I thinking!!

You know exactly what I'm talking about, because it has to happen to others. Occasionally I have even caught some of you slipping up and admitting to being human as well--creativity button malfunctioning for the day/week and all that. And thank you for your honesty. Sincerely, we all need reassurance that we are not alone in the land of sporadic, but acute, brain dead fog.

Anyway, for right now I'm seriously considering setting the blocks in three rows of four and connecting them with a coin type strip of lighter greens and cream fabric. So often it just boils down to making a decision {any decision!} and moving determinedly forward. Allowing ourselves to be paralyzed by hesitation and doubt never truly wins the day.
Auditioning some fabrics for connecting strips
And of course there will probably be more applique in this quilt. I can't seem to help myself at times. Plus, it just seems to be demanding it, in a foot stomping sort of way. Goodness, who knew some spindly flowers stalks could potentially be so bossy?


  1. What beautiful applique, Audrey!
    Yes, the design process is a dance isn't it? Sometimes I accidentally fall into
    the orchestra pit, or almost break my ankle falling off my sandals. How do you manage to do that? It just happens sometimes really.
    I realize that I quilt and sew for fun and a diversion, so my work doesn't have to look like anyone else's. I try to go where It's okay to be me.
    Your work is fabulous!

  2. Love love those pineapples--just so lovely and I think those flowers will be nice with the strips, too. We all do things like that...
    walking into walls is my least favorite thing!!;000
    Hugs, julierose

  3. I'm curious to see how you put the last blocks you show together - I will be watching for an update -- on the first one - can there ever be too much yellow! :)

  4. I just found out last week that my younger grand-daughter is into pineapple decor now. How did that happen? She is nineteen.

  5. I always enjoy seeing what you're up too! I love them both.

  6. I don't do applique, but if I did this is how I would want it to look. I love the primitive design with the modern saturated fabrics. And the flowers are just the best.

  7. Every time I enjoy seeing your quilts grow and develop and love the results.

  8. Love those 12 Dried Flower blocks -- everything about them!!!! The design, the colors, the size, and, yes, even all those leaves! Your designing mind knows no boundaries and we readers are so lucky for that. Thank you for sharing your process yet again.

  9. Wee I love these two projects
    Your projects are so unique and creative.

  10. The yellow strip is perfect for the top and the colored triangles are perfect for it!!
    Those flower blocks are so sweet.

  11. Oh that gold stripe really helped that yellow play well with the others. I feel the pain of your struggles I have put my king size medallion quilt aside cause I just can't decide. I am hoping by springtime I will be ready

  12. Loving your 'dried flowers', the colours are great! And yes, that's a lot of leaves, but so worth it. I enjoyed reading about your progress with those pineapples.

  13. It's interesting how those small red diamond shapes pull those pineapple blocks together with the striped borders. How they do that? And the subtle coin pieces sashing might be just the idea for your dried flowers.

  14. I love how these pineapples are working out. The structure of the quilt is quite formal and that balances beautifully with the organic, free feel of your applique. I really, really like those yellows too.

  15. It's always a treat to see how you work these out, Audrey. I love the way you made the sashing strips with two fabrics. The little diamonds are stellar. I can't wait to see your border.
    And then Chinese Coin strips between the flowers. Love them. Love the contrast with the applique. Fun, fun, fun.

  16. I do so enjoy reading your process posts --- this is another wonderful one.

  17. You crack me up! I'll never look at one of my quilts in process again without wondering if they are "foot stomping" demanding for more applique!

  18. Oh those colours in your pineapple quilt have me in seventh heaven!! Nice to see all your 2 Dried Flower blocks and I do like your idea to separate them and going with the coin style strip between, looks good!


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