Friday, February 22, 2013

Totally Distracted

I definitely have some ufq's that are on a list just waiting to be crossed off.  You know the LIST.  It is supposed to help bring focus and organization into the quilting room.  Uh huh.  It's sorta, kind of working.  Occasionally.  I worked on the Vertical Basket quilt panels for a bit....
 2 Vertical Basket panels
Then I went ahead and cut out my applique pieces for the red and blue scrap attack quilt.  They even have the little snips in the curved areas so that they are completely ready to go.  Yay me!
All ready for the next step....
But the real distraction seems to be ahhh... apparently the Basket Medallion quilt.  It keeps capturing my attention and getting in the way of focus and dedication......
Basket Medallion center
It's not like the colors in this quilt are dazzling or anything brilliant like that.  I think it must be the whole medallion thing that is making my brain spin like crazy.
1st border on Basket Medallion
It's so terribly interesting and challenging to think about what another border should look like!  At least right now it is.  The best medallion quilts always seem complete 'as is' until you add the next border on and realize how much better it looks with the new addition.  Then you add on another border and another border until the quilt says enough already or it gets embarrassingly large and unwieldy.  That's the real challenge of course--adding on something that makes everything before look even better than you thought possible!  And of course, knowing when to quit.*wink
Hmm.... what next?
So that's why I'm linking up with Favorite Things Friday over at Quilting in My Pyjamas.  Her post totally made me laugh as it seems I'm doing much the same thing as she is this week. lol


  1. Like your new 'distraction'! Can't wait to see the next border.

  2. I am admiring those basket blocks. The band of triangles in each basket gives it such an interesting look. And they look good in the bands the way you are doing. I need to remember the basket design for some future sewing.

  3. Your appliqué project looks interesting... I’ll be waiting to see that one transform!

    I’ve been eyeing off basket quilts myself lately and trying to build up the guts to go for it. I dont know if it would thrill my heart to do one or drive me slowly insane.

    I had a list for yesterday. My plan was to blitz a couple of projects that are at the stage of almost finished (at least for this month ) Naturally my sewing room was such a mess that I got distracted by the need to clean it up just so I could find things ...and that took all day. In fact I'm still not finished. Thank you for the support in letting me know it isnt just me !


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