Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Just Can't Resist Baskets

After playing around with different settings for these baskets, I went back to my original plan.  I already had the brown fabric from a birthday shopping trip a couple years ago that I've been wanting to use forever.  It seems like a fabric that requires a more formal setting, but maybe that's just me?
Vertical basket project
The other setting that almost made me change everything I had planned out was the one below.  Hmmm... So very interesting.  Of course I love baskets in almost any color or setting so I can always see numerous possibilities.  I played with the different settings so much I actually gave myself a headache.  lol
Another setting to play with....
Then I went back to my Low Volume quilt because really, it was so close to a finish, how could I ignore it for much longer?  I'm really happy with the end result--how old fashioned it looks yet, not old fashioned all at the same time.  I know.  I'm confusing myself.
A completed quilt top (maybe!)
I am going to fold it up and put it away with my other completed quilt tops for now.  There is always the possibility that I will add another border onto it and play with it some more on another day, but for now I'm satisfied with what is done.  I really thought I'd at least add on enough hst's to edge the two sides that don't have them, but it didn't look right to me when I auditioned them.  So--enough is enough.  Moving on.
Low volume with just a little extra.
Playing with the basket settings made me want to rush upstairs and start working on other basket blocks, so of course I did.  No impulse control at all!  I had bought a third of a yard of some interesting fabric the other day when my mother dragged me into a quilt store against my will.  Funny how the colors are the exact colors I see when I look outside the window in my quilting room.
Getting derailed.....
So far it's looking quite different from my current ongoing projects, but it's definitely holding my interest.  I'm thinking this will end up as a medallion quilt.  Hope the baskets will succeed in holding the center down.*wink
Hmm...  Who can resist these baskets?


  1. I'm with you! I love baskets, and you've done a very nice job! :) ♥

  2. Be still my heart. You chose well.

  3. Love the baskets, both sets! And how generous of you to "let" your mother drag you into a quilt shop...the sacrifices we make for family!!! hahahahaha

  4. I am totally in love with your basket quilt! Love that setting with your birthday fabric! Gorgeous.

  5. Yes, your vertical setting for your baskets looks good. And your new basket project setting looks interesting too. Sure wish my Mum would drag me into a quilt shop!

  6. The 'original plan' is great, the background fabric seems to be made for that. Aren't baskets wonderful? I can understand you making other types as well now. Have to make a basket quilt of some sort myself someday....Love your low volume quilt, the colored triangles really make the quilt come alive.

  7. I too love basket blocks and both setting. Your low volume top is perfect !

  8. I agree. Baskets are always appealing. I LOVE your vertical layout with the birthday fabric!

  9. You're on a roll with those baskets! I love the vertical layout with that gorgeous fabric in strips! It's great to see your LV quilt done. for now....

  10. I love that first basket quilt. You're layout is perfect! Sounds like you're having lots of fun! ;)That's what counts.

  11. I love the fabric you chose for the background of your new basket quilt! Very rich!


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