Wednesday, March 28, 2018

A Little Bit of Improv. Progress

So I spent so much time on the Vintage Lily quilt that I basically ran out of time to spend on the other Improv. quilt projects. There are a lot of different ideas for moving forward with my Playing With Scales quilt but nothing seems absolute.
Auditioning ideas
Which in my book translates into just get started cutting and sewing and see what happens! I'm really on this fence about letting this turn into a medallion quilt, but that being said, it felt like it needed one border surround. And as soon as that was in the works, these little strips of blue jumped directly onto the quilt.
Trying to see what works
I played with a couple ideas for the pink and brown border and eventually settled on what is pictured below. Okay, that's it--carry on. Right?
All sewn together
Well maybe not. After sleeping on it, I thought this particular border needed just a touch more energy. The lighter ends on the top and bottom border especially bother me, how they just sort of drift off into blah, blah, blah. I tried auditioning extra strips on the sides, turned in the opposite direction thinking that could be a bold move. Yuck.
Auditioning again....
And then you know how it happens, I basically went back to the original {sewn together} border audition. Maybe with just a slight 'off row' alignment? Now to just get the seams unpicked and the new segment cut and sewn in. Right now it's just resting on top there in that bottom right hand corner.

Sorry for those of you who will greatly dislike them, but the blue 'tabs' on the applique centerpiece are completely sewn down and there to stay. There is just something about them that intrigues and won't allow for their removal. At least at this particular moment. If, at any time, my opinion changes about their value to the rest of the quilt, it really is an easy fix to get the seam ripper out and discard them--minutes is all it will take. It will be like they were never there. Much easier to sew them on now while the quilt is little, than to try and add them in at the monster quilt stage!
This could be the one...
And as for the Improv. Postage Stamp Basket quilt, there is definite progress being made, albeit slowly. Thanks for all the great suggestions to help make the baskets look more like baskets. It really made me think. For the time being tho, I'm fairly content to let that be an abstract thing and just soak up the colors. This blue,green and blush pink color palette is making me feel very happy and I don't want to over think the quilt to the point that it loses it's simple charm.
Improv. Baskets
'Cuz that can happen. I've been there, done that. Striving for a lost element can make us totally forget to enjoy the good things already going on in the quilt. Linking up to Kaja and Ann for AHIQ #31.


  1. Ha ha! What you said "yuck" to, I said, "Ooh!" I liked the bold move border, but it did detract from the centerpiece. Maybe file that idea away for the future, though? I like how you've ended up. Very cool!

  2. Your progress always takes us to interesting place!

  3. I must say that those blue pieces make me say : Let's see are they stems for flowers? will there be circles at either end? or leaves on them? Just saying. ;)))
    But I love the plain border a lot...interesting to see how your ideas emerge....thanks for sharing hugs, Julierose

  4. Thanks for stepping us through your thought process on the border. I liked the first one (of course) but definitely see improvement with the "off row" alignment. That small change made a huge difference.
    Your postage stamp is also intriguing me. I've liked them for years but never made one. And never thought of making the baskets of stripes.
    Thanks for linking another mind-expanding post with AHIQ.

  5. I like the blue bits, they keep the centre dynamic. I like your 'off row' border too, though like P. I also quite liked the one you hated (as she says, maybe it's a good idea, just not for this quilt). I love the baskets just as they are, so keep enjoying that lovely palette and don't worry about the rest. :-)

  6. Your projects like my current AHIQ effort are very much in flux. All in good time - for both of us. (I like the off-row border treatment)

  7. That improv border around the appliqued flower is really quite lovely.

  8. Love the off-row border! Your string baskets are such a beautiful colour.

  9. I love the touch of blue. It really makes things sparkle. I like the whole cameo idea for the center. You always make things work out in the end and it's a lot of fun seeing it come together.

  10. I like your ideas! Trust yourself.
    In trying to make too many people happy the original design gets
    lost in the mix.

  11. The blue bits reminds me a little of painters tape or bandaids. LOL And I always think, "it's your quilt, do what you want!" The center is sure crying out to be a medallion.:)

  12. It's SO interesting to hear your thoughts, likes and dislikes. I recognize the voice of the self talking the design through. Back and forth. Give and take. But the prize is when the quilt itself decides and something just seems to be needed like the bars around the circle. This is slow design at its very best. Delighted that you shared!


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