Monday, December 16, 2013

The Infamous Wedding Ring (or Pickle Dish) Progress

Only have about 6-8 more sets of these arcs to go now! It's been a very slow project, but I'm not pushing myself at all. Frankly, I think I'm terrified to move on to the next step! It's so good to have quilters like Karen who aren't afraid to blog about their frustrations as they move through the process to a beautiful finish. Yay for her wonderful win! 
More finished arcs
And Yay for Rachael too. (All of the DWR winners actually.) Love it when someone dares to be different and ramps up their creativity in such a fun way. It really is a wonderful era of readily available inspiration right here at our fingertips. I know it keeps me plugging along all the time!
Auditioning the background and eye fabric
I won't bore you with the whole sad story, but this is the second piece of background fabric I bought just for this project. 5 1/2 yds of fabric that wouldn't work because it was too busy and made everything look blah-ish. (The money down the drain still just kills me.) And it pains me to admit that I even dithered about this lovely plaid until just recently when I made up mind that my quilt was going to be traditional and that was that.
A closer look at the eye fabric--
a lovely peppered cotton that makes my heart sing
even though I was looking for a super light fabric at the time...
The quilt in the Material Obsession II book makes a fabulous impression with the funky, bright floral background--so very striking. It really threw me off track for awhile in the search for my own background fabric. Sometimes I think I do better when I'm working from a black and white picture so that I don't get so distracted. This quilt is destined to be a bit of a yawn for those that are looking for something different, but so far the colors are keeping me very happy. (I must be in my blue phase?) Priorities. Who are we quilting for anyway?


  1. Wow! That is going to be amazing. Love the colors you chose to do it in!!

  2. preciosas telas !!!!
    son realmente guapas,
    me puede la impaciencia de ver esa colcha
    buen día

  3. You're right, Audrey, this quilt is pretty boring. If you want, I will happily take it off your hands. As soon as its finished, of course.

    Seriously, the only way it would get a yawn out of me is if I'm going to curl up and sleep with it! I am absolutely drooling over this quilt, and I love your fabrics! The plaid is perfect.

    Don't worry about the 'wasted' fabric. I'm sure you'll find another use for it.

  4. I plan starting one of these in January. I am hoping to use up some of my stash. I am sure you will find a good use for that yardage.

  5. I hate it when a fabric won't work out after I have bought all that I need and then need to get something else - of course you can plan a new project with the fabric that got tossed aside. Thanks for the link to the other Karen - that sure is a great quilt that she won the prize on.

  6. There isn't going to be anything boring about this quilt... the "eye" fabric is SO perfect! I love every finished arc... again, your fabric combinations delight me!!!

  7. You are too funny. Thanks for the shout out. I don't think this will be a yawn, but you may have to think outside the box. And I will say, the next step is not super fun. But with each one I did, I was one closer to the end. I haven't seen the original quilt, is there any chance of using multiple fabrics for the background? Maybe that would wake it up. Good luck.

  8. I love the combination of those browns with the blue. And you are right, who are you quilting for? You have to please yourself, not others. The result with be great, I am sure.

  9. I love the colours you're using in this quilt. It's a shame that the fabric you bought isn't quite right,but it will be perfect for something else. I often wish quilt patterns had black and white outlines of the patterns that you could print out and colour in yourself to give you room to come up with your own colours. I know you'll come up with the right background, you have an eye for these things. Ps thanks for the mention!! :)

  10. great colors~ Can't wait to watch the progress on this quilt. I've always loved the pickle dish but haven't attempted it. hope you'll share some tips with us.

  11. I really like your colours . This quilt is going to be a stunner for sure !

  12. How about using the reject fabric as the backing? I think it's going to be lovely. Interesting your comment about viewing a black and white picture - it's funny how we can be so influenced by a colour picture.


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