Friday, December 13, 2013

Muddy Creek Applique

Anyone else Christmas shopping this weekend? hehe I'm hoping to finish up although I definitely don't have the detailed lists yet that normally help me survive all the chaos.
Muddy Creek
Last night we went to our local school Christmas concert where all of my kids (minus the college kid of course) are in junior high, high school and jazz bands. Two of them are also in the jr/high school choir. Although longish, it was a great concert. Love hearing Bidi Bom and Holiday Special pieces especially. During the intermission there was a huge cookie sale where they sell cookies by the pound to raise money for the band/choir program. My youngest daughter and I baked oatmeal and ranger cookies for about two hours before the concert so we could do our part to contribute. Not. My. Favorite. Thing. To. Do. But it was fun anyway. lol

Still stitching on Muddy Creek occasionally. I ran out of the proper color thread and just improvised. So far the lighter color isn't showing much anyway so I may just continue. Well, unless I just happen to wander into a quilting store during my Christmas shoppings this weekend! Honestly, the inner leaves are giving me fits. They look weird and awkward. I already threw out several that I had planned to use because the fabric was too busy and I can't figure out how to add new ones in. The problem seems to be the lack of space between my stems? Will come back to this later, 'cuz it's not exactly pressing, but thought it would be interesting to check it out up on the wall.


  1. I think the leaves look great!! Maybe it will look better to you after youve been Christmas shopping.

  2. And maybe a glass of wine, heheh..
    No serioulsy, they look fine. If it were me, tho, I might consider embroidering those tiny leaves. But then I suck at applique, so there you go.

  3. I meant "seriously" and no I haven't been drinking.

  4. From here you can’t see the light thread and the leaves look just fine. Maybe if you walk away from it for a while it will look better to you.

  5. I don't think there is anything wrong with the leaves, they look fine to me. Great fabrics.

  6. I like it. If it was the only block you were making than I'd say maybe you'd have to change something, but if it is in a whole quilt of other blocks, then it will provide a lot of interest.

  7. I like it just the way it your fabric this the start of an entire free hand quilt...on please tell us inspiring

  8. It looks fine to me too. I mean, I think you're going for a more "primitive" look, and it's perfect for that. I think Lori is right - in the whole quilt, it will be interesting. My personal opinion is "not perfect is better". Love your colors/fabrics in this.

    I'm not going out this weekend if I can help it! I wish you luck though! I think I have most of my shopping done now, except for something for my 2 granddaughters. I avoid going out on weekends - it's crazy enough during the week. I hate crowds and traffic. I like shopping on-line (Yay Amazon!), and I NEVER go to the malls. I'm a rebel that way. :) I'm going to stay home and sew pillow cases for the whole family.

  9. yo lo veo precioso!! las hojas están muy bien
    y el color acertado
    no podría cambiar nada
    buen fin de semana

  10. Hey! Love what you are doing here! That background fabric is awesome. There were lots of guitar, orchestra and band concerts in my recent past. Great for getting in the holiday mood. Good luck with the shopping!

  11. The leaves look fine to me. I like the fabric choices you have used in this piece.

  12. I think your leaves look terrific.

    I went out this past weekend to finish Christmas shopping...I only just survived the experience!


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